10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda;Of late the television industry in Uganda has boomed with the introduction of new TV stations to compete the ones which were established in early 1990s and 2000s.

In the past few years NTV Uganda, Bukedde Televesion and NBS Television have dominated the industry with dominant shows, well experienced and motivated presenters, rich and well detailed content, experienced field reporters and high quality image.

UBC Television has for years remained in business despite its poor performance since it is permanently funded and sponsored by the government unlike other privately owned stations which solely depend on adverts and personal funding.

Several others like WBS TV were also forced to quit the highly competitive industry giving rise to other stations like ABS TV, Kwese Free TV, Salt Television, BBS Terefayina, Spark Television and Standard Television among several others which has given TV lovers a chance to exploit a variety of TV programs 24 hours a day.

These television stations came with several shows both in Local languages and exotic languages most especially English.

The “big stations” have also resorted to ‘poaching’ talented presenters from the newly established stations to strengthen their positions and market base.

We have seen TV stars like Douglas Lwanga leaving the less known Record TV and join NTV Uganda. The former live wire duo Zahara Totto and Anatalia Ozie were also forced to leave Spark Television to join NBS TV.  We also saw Patrick Mukasa leave Bukedde TV for NTV Uganda.  This has left the new stations in tears and cursing the former.

People in Uganda tend to watch TV Programs from morning till late at their work places and homes. Its rear to find people watching one TV station  from morning to evening, people always change TV stations depending on which program is showing at a particular hour and on a particular day.

But the question pending is what are exactly the most locally watched programs in Uganda as per January 2019?

These programs will include music shows, political shows, social and cultural events and news bulletins which normally happen at the end of the hour. We shall discuss the different shows, different presenters among several other issues. And this is all based of facts because we have done a lot of research and collected statistics.

Some TV programs are missed but due to the increased use of internet especially through social media, People always follow as they can watch the programs either live or after on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube etc

Our reporter Paul Wetaase deeply digs deeper in the different television showsaired on different TV stations in Uganda;

10. Abanoonya (Bukedde TV)

If you have been staying in Uganda for at least four years with access to social media and the internet, then you have probably came across a video of a person looking for a wife or husband to marry.

From the scandals of the 70 year old Nalule to the recent program featuring Kadongo kamu singer Vincent Ssegawa who appeared on the screens searching for a spouse.

Abanonya is one of the most watched TV program on Saturday evenings most especially by people in the villages, slum and ghetto areas around Kampala. Its funny part has made it a darling to people around the country.

Abanonya is hosted by Phillip Kaggwa every Saturday evening on Bukedde TV at 9:00 pm

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Vincent Segawa On Abanoonya TV Program Bukedde TV

9. NBS After 5 (NBS TV)

Some people may be wondering why a show hosted by two extra ordinary presenters (Douglas Lwanga, formerly host at NTV the Beat and the recently embattled MC Kats Katamba also formerly at NTV) rated as number 9. After a full year now, NBS after 5 has failed to make it to the top but slowly turning into a must watch show. Like NBS Catch Up hosted by Lwanga and Anita Fabiola, the two shows are still struggling to identify the actual audience they are serving.

Typisk er spilleautomater kategorisert basert på antall hjul eller gevinst. Man snakker ofte om 3 × 3, 4 × 3 eller 5 × 3 spor. Når du leter etter spilleautomater med spesielle gevinster, vil du ofte komme over jackpotautomater. I utgangspunktet fungerer spilleautomatene på en lignende måte. Før du starter spillet, må du bestemme det nøyaktige spillet og antall vinnelinjer, hvis disse ikke er løst. Da må du bestemme deg for et spill, hvis minimums- og maksimumsgrenser er gitt. Hvor i de velkjente enarmede bandittene en spak setter hjulene i spillet i sving, er det i den elektroniske versjonen vanligvis bare en knapp. Noen spilleautomater tilbyr også en automatisk avspilling, der du lar programvaren fungere uavhengig. Symbolkombinasjonene der hjulene stopper er avgjørende for din gevinst. De nøyaktige måtene å vinne på og antall gevinstlinjer kan variere fra spilleautomat til spilleautomat. Vanligvis blir disse imidlertid forklart i spillet. I tillegg tilbyr de fleste spilleautomater interessante bonusfunksjoner, som ofte inkluderer spesielle symboler eller tilgang til bonusspill og gratisspinn. I tillegg til ville symboler er det ofte også scatter-symboler og multiplikatorer.

But the good news are, give NBS after 5 a year and it will be among the top 4 most watched TV programs in Uganda.

NBS After 5 is hosted by Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats featuring DJ Roger and DJ Mercy every week day starting at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
MC Kats NBS After 5 TV Show host NBS TV

8. Live Wire (Spark TV)

If Anatalia Ozie and Zahara Toto had stayed at Spark TV, this show would occupy position five among the most watched TV programs in Uganda. But the departure of the duo to join NBS Uncut largely affected the performance of the less experienced new hosts………………

The fact remains that these two ladies (Anatalia Ozie and Zahara Toto) worked a lot and sold Live Wire to the people, they created a big audience for the show and its this Particular program which sold Spark TV as a brand to Ugandans.  

But however, the show is still among the top 10 shows due to already established audience who never misses the show, although Live Wire must be scared about the huge migration of its audience to NBS TV’s UNCUT show hosted by Live wire EX presenters Zahara Toto and Anatalia Ozie.

Currently Live wire is hosted by Gabie Ntaate and Precious Remmie every weekday at 8Pm.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Live wire Show Current Hosts

7. Emikolo n’embaga (Bukedde TV, NBS TV, DELTA TV)

It is hard and complicated to differentiate between the two shows hosted on two different stations every Sundays which one outshines the other like to other shows.

 Uganda is largely dominated by women and hence a blessing to events, kwanjula and wedding programs. You may agree that Emikolo N’embaga on either Bukedde TV, NBS TV or Delta TV among others is one of the most TV shows on weekends most especially the ladies and teenagers.

As men concentrate on football on Saturday’s and Sundays, women become addicts of functions analyzing the class, quality of the dresses and suits of the Brides and grooms.

Emikolo n’embaga show on Bukedde TV is hosted by Jamira Nampeera  While Sharitah Mutaawe hosts the same show on Delta Television every Sunday starting

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Emikolo Nembaga Bukedde Tv

6. NBS Live at 9 (NBS TV)

With experienced news anchors like Samson, Mildred Tuhaise, Solomon Serwanja and others, NBS TV is able to tell stories beyond the borders and this has enabled the show to scoop position number 6.

NBS TV which started in 2007 has gained more popularity among Ugandans (currently one of the most watched station) mainly due to her ability to choose the best players for the task and NBS live at 9 is one of the best programs with highly professional and well informed anchors.

The NBS Live at 9 stories are well explained, detailed and given enough time to air. The reporters and presenters are not on a rush. Since all news is broadcasted at the same time, this gives viewers to choose and watch the 9:00 pm bulletin at NBS TV.

NBS Live at 9 is aired every day at 9:00 Pm with random and investigative stories all over the world.

Among the news anchors include Solomon Sserwanja, Mildred Tuhaise, Rukhushana, Samson Kasumba and different reporters like the young reporter Canary Mugume, Sabiiti among others.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Samson Kasumba reporting Live at the NBS Live at 9 Bulletin

5. NBS Frontline (NBS TV)

NBS frontline is currently the biggest political TV Program in Uganda hosted every Thursday of the week starting 10Pm by experienced Journalist and lawyer Charles Odongtho which has featured popular politicians and musicians previously.

With its permanent columnists like NRM’s Ofwono Opondo, Nobert Mao, Salaam Musumba, NBS frontline has been able to make it to the top hosting prominent individuals like Kizza Besigye, Mugisha Muntu, Bobi wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool, Ssemuju Nganda, Andrew Mwenda and others.

NBS Frontline is hosted by Charles Odongtho every Thursday starting at 10Pm on NBS Television.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Frontline Pannel

4. Mwasuze Mutya (NTV Uganda)

Faridah Nakazibwe is one of the most successful female TV presenters to ever appear on any TV stations in Uganda. In her journey from WBS TV to one of the biggest stations in East Africa, this success has been attributed to several factors.

Her show Mwasuze Mutya that airs every morning weekdays has hosted almost every prominent singer, actor, rights defender and different individuals like Rema Namakula, Bobi wine, Eddy Kenzo, Bebe cool, and Juliana Kanyomozi among others.

Mwasuze Mutya basically looks at the lives, beginnings of different personalities, achievements and the different plans they have for their fans. This TV program also looks at advising and encouraging individuals in different capacities such as the married people, youths among others. 

To cut the long story short, Nakazibwe’s Mwasuze Mutya has no competitor at the moment.

Mwasuze Mutya is hosted by the magical Faridah Nakazibwe every weekday on NTV Uganda starting 9 am.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Faridah Nakazibwe hosting Zuena on Mwasuze Mutya Show

3. Agataliiko Nfuufu (Bukedde TV)

What beats Agataliko nfuufu as soon as it clocks 10Pm in the night? Looking for those funny, firsthand information stories, crazy reporters and unexpected stories, then tune in to Bukedde TV at 10 Pm.

With experienced local anchors like Robinah Mweruka, Paul Mayinja, Kuteesa George Williams and others have mastered the art of delivering quick stories which you can never find on any other stations.

The stories in the deep areas of Masaka, Mityana, Mpigi and Kampala Ghettos always feature on Agataliiko Nfuufu. Agataliko Nfuufu is one of Uganda’s most watched TV program in rural areas according to reports and statistics.

Ask anyone any where in the country a simple question, Do you know Agataliiko Nfuufu? Then you will be able to know the coverage of this Agataliko Nfuufu famous bulletin.

Agataliiko Nfuufu is aired everyday on Bukedde TV at exactly 10 Pm to 11 Pm featuring anchors like Robinah Mweruka, Sumaya Muwonge, Paul Mayinja and others.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Richard Kayiira of Bukedde TV reading Agataliiko Nfuufu

2. NBS Extra (One on One with Tamale Mirundi (NBS TV)

Who doesn’t want to listen to Joseph Tamale Mirundi’s talk shows? Who ignores Tamale Mirundi’s quotes and big list of his books? For close to three years now before the departure of Simon Muyanga Lutaaya who last month resigned his job at the Kamwokya based station to prepare for the next general elections as a Member of parliament in Eastern Uganda, One on One with Tamale Mirundi has remained one of the most watched shows in Uganda with the craziness of Tamale Mirundi.

This program is aired during office working hours, but believe me, at that time, some people who have TVs in their offices are tuned to the show, others are watching the show live on social media (Facebook Live and YouTube Live) and at that particular time this program is viewed by over 2000 people on facebook which is not easy to find such a big number of people watching a TV Program live in Uganda at any particular time. 

At least every one is eager to know what this man says on his program. And if he wasn’t moving to other TV stations and Radio stations to some times repeat him self, Let me say NBS TV Monopolized him. This was going to be the most most watched TV program in Uganda.

One on One with Tamale Mirundi basically analyses the different issues in both political and social aspects in a “Mirundi” way.

One on one with Tamale Mirundi airs every Tuesday morning on NBS TV.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaya Hosting NBS Extra One on One with Tamale Mirundi

1. NTV Akawungeezi (NTV Uganda)

You will all agree with me that NTV Akawungeezi is Uganda’s biggest TV program and most watched news bulletin. The success and hard work of news anchors Faridah Nakazibwe, Patrick  Mukasa, Frank Walusimbi and others plus the effort from reporters like Solomon Kaweesa, Julius Ssekandwa, and others has enabled the program to rise to the top.

The success of this program is attributed to quality pictures and videos, timely delivery of information, experienced and well informed anchors, the time NTV Akawungezi and several others has enabled it to defeat all the 7:00 Pm programs.

It should be noted that Luganda as a language is the most understood language in Uganda, now when it comes to NTV Akawungeezi, they mastered how to report the Luganda news bulletin with all the quality attributes of their reporters. It’s not a matter of making noise, but reporting with calmness and with facts, and being smart while reporting. All these in one package give you what you want to watch and listen.

You pass any place in your area be it a bar, gaming house, video show…. Believe me you will find every one watching NTV Akawungeezi.

NTV Akawungeezi airs everyday on NTV Uganda at 7 Pm featuring popular and experienced anchors like Frank Wwalusimbi, Faridah Nakazibwe, Patrick Mukasa among others.

Therefore NTV Akawungeezi aired on NTV Uganda is the most watched TV program in Uganda.

10 Most Watched TV Programs in Uganda
Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV Akawungeezi

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