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6 Reasons Why NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa Is The Best TV News Reporter

In August 2018, NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa was rumoured that he was planning to leave the Serena based local TV station to join NBS TV their main competitors after the failure of the later to increase his salary.

Later on, the magical reporter denounced these reports and claimed that he was still at NTV Uganda for more where he has been for at least five years now.

Solomon Kaweesa joined NTV Uganda five years ago as an intern and was retained as a freelance journalist before he was given a permanent contract because of his exceptional abilities in reporting most especially on sensitive and investigative stories. He is one of the most celebrated Luganda reporters and rated highly for his abilities.

Solomon Kaweesa rose to ranks in the TV reporting business with his sleek and uncomparable style of reporting with the Luganda speaking skills and experience which has improved the performance of NTV Akawungeezi news bulletin in the land.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Kaweesa narrated how he has managed to breakthrough and maintain his status as a leading reporter.

He says that unlike other reporters who sit in the offices and wait for stories, he goes to the field and finds out what is happening on the ground.

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“There is no magic that I use; I use my phone to get news from over the nation” he said.

6 Reasons Why NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa Is The Best TV News Reporter
Solomon Kaweesa at Elegu the boarder of Uganda and South Sudan

Solomon Kaweesa is also a song writer, vocalist and has written several songs for different upcoming and established artistes.

He has reported on several issues like the previous IPOD meeting where President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met with other party leaders to discuss the future of politics in Uganda, he also covered the controversial Tugende e Kiwatule show Vs Bobi wine’s cancelled show at One Love beach in Busabala.

He recently also reported about the controversies surrounding singer turned Politician Bobi wine’s Tuliyambala engule song.

The question has always been, what makes Kaweesa the best TV news reporter?

Our reporter Paul Wetaase talks about some of the things that have enabled Kaweesa to rise to the top.

  1. Kaweesa’s success can be attributed to his concentration on controversial issues. Unlike other local reporters who normally concentrate on less controversial or direct issues, Kaweesa goes to areas that are feared most. He doesn’t sacrifice his abilities to fear and he has handled several issues involving big wigs in the government and the business world.
  2. Analytical intelligence. Investigative stories normally require more research and analysis and Kaweesa has mastered this. His ability to identify the history of the phenomena and also to tap on the critical issues to be understood by his audience has earned him support from the viewers of NTV which has also attracted other media houses like NBS TV to show their interest. Solomon Kaweesa’s move to distance himself from NBS TV was important and a blessing in disguise for his career since the talent was faced with the stiff competition at the Kamwokya based station.
  3. Luganda speaking skills and statements. I believe this is the most interesting part in all stories reported by Solomon Kaweesa. He has in the past mastered speaking skills and rich Luganda statements and phrases which is the highest spoken language in the land. His phrases termed as ‘Bisoko’ gives him an upper hand compared to other reporters who bring plain statements.
  4. NTV Akawungeezi strength. Truth be told, Solomon Kaweesa reports on NTV Ku saawa emu which is one of the most watched and respected TV show in Uganda, featuring senior and well informed anchors like Faridah Nakazibwe, Patrick Mukasa, Frank Walusimbi and others. This gives Kaweesa a chance to receive a huge audience and viewership and act as an added advantage to the TV maestro.
  5. Experience. Another issue that can be considered is Solomon Kaweesa’s experience and abilities in the field and reporting. Ever since he graduated, Kaweesa has been practicing journalism for five years which gives him a upper hand compared to the rest of the staff on all TV stations. He has been able to identify better ways of reporting, correction of mistakes and also to associate himself with experienced personnel.
  6. Team work. Kaweesa also attributes his success to his team most especially cameramen who bring a high quality picture on the screen. The hardworking management at NTV gives him an opportunity to express himself better.
6 Reasons Why NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa Is The Best TV News Reporter
Solomon Kaweesa reporting; Buganda Event

All we can say at Flash Uganda Media, Solomon Kaweesa is a must watch for any Ugandan.

Catch him everyday on NTV Akawungeezi at 7PM.

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