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How to reverse MTN mobile money sent to a wrong number 2

There’s nothing more painful than sending your hard-earned money from your MTN mobile money to the wrong number. It’s even worse when you try contacting the number you sent it to and they all of a sudden are unavailable or their number has been switched off.

To sort this out, a new feature from MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) Uganda enables users of MTN MoMo to independently initiate the reversal of an incorrectly sent transaction. 

The news of MTN customers being able to make a reversal transaction is one of the best things that happened recently.

In this article, we shall explain the ways through which you can retrieve money sent to the wrong MTN number. 

First Approach: Kola Reverse USSD Code

  • Dial *165*8#.
  • Select option 7 and Initiate Reversal
  • Three recent sending transactions that you made are listed on the Next menu. Pick the transaction you want to reverse right now.
  • Verify the transaction using your MTN MoMo PIN.
  • If the receiver hasn’t yet withdrawn the money, you will get a message explaining how the money has been blocked on the phone you sent it to.
  • The incorrect number will be alerted, requesting permission to enter their PIN so that MTN can return it to you.
  • In a little while, the money will be reversed to your MTN MoMo account, and you will receive a confirmation text.

The first approach only works if the receiver hasn’t already requested a withdrawal of the funds! If the person declines to authorize the return on their mobile money approval list, contact Customer Care for more information and assistance. (*165*8*3*1) This takes us to approach 2.

Second Approach: Contact MTN Customer Care

  • As soon as you realize you sent money to the incorrect number, call the MTN Customer Care service. Keep in mind that money can only be retrieved if it is not withdrawn on the other end. They’re several ways to contact MTN with the main one being dialing 100. You can also Whatsapp them on 0772123100 or send an email to [email protected].
  • When you call Customer care at MTN, a customer service representative will instantly inquire about the transaction and amount sent to the incorrect phone. After prompt notification, MTN would swiftly block the funds to prevent withdrawals. 
  • To establish the facts and come to a consensus, the MTN customer service representative will bring both parties into a conference call. If a deal is achieved, the procedure to transfer the funds back to your account will begin. Within 24 hours, the money will be returned to your account. For any delays, get in touch with MTN customer service.
  • In case there is a dispute between the receiver and sender, MTN will immediately end the recovery procedure. This will be changed to a police case, and the sender will need a court order to permit the reversal. Alternatively, MTN will automatically return the money to the sender if the incorrect recipient’s phone is off for 3 consecutive months.


Mistakes such as sending money to the wrong MTN number happen all the time. For this reason, all of MTN Uganda’s customers are urged to avoid such errors by carefully reading the prompts, particularly the final message that asks you to confirm the recipient’s name and phone number.

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It will save you from the hassle of trying to convince the receiver to return your money. 

Editor’s Note: Please contact [email protected] if you find any of the content to be inaccurate or outdated.