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Unlike the previous years, 2017 has been a dead year to many big artistes in Uganda and a breakthrough to many upcoming artistes. Many of the established artistes have even failed to release a single hit for their fans and this led to their failure to stage a successful music show in this Matooke land. The same year has brought us young stars like Latinum, Vinka, Fic Fameica, Da Agent among others.

Our reporter Paul Wetaase has compiled a list of the most influential and outstanding musicians of 2017 and surprisingly many of your favourite artistes are missing on this list. You should not expect Bebe cool, Jose Chameleon, Sheebah Kalungi, David Lutalo, Ziza Bafana, King Saha, Winnie Nwagi, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Irene Ntale, Gravity Omutujju, Pallaso, Radio and Weasel among others.


Born to Conquer is a crew of 3 talented singers Mr Lee, Bobby Lash, Julio which was formed a couple of years back. In the past years the crew has been suffering in their careers and 2017 has been their breakthrough year with several songs attached onto their name. Among these include Akapande featuring Eddy Kenzo, Njabala featuring Spice Diana and Gutamiza ft Radio and Weasel which is rated to be the song of the year 2017. B2C’s excellent performance landed them a nomination in Hipipo music awards as the best duo battling Radio and Weasel.


It’s not surprising that Rema is the only female artiste on this list but she is one of the outstanding singers this year with at least 3 hit songs she released 2017. Among these songs include the famous Banyabo, Yo sweet and her latest release Tikula which left many Ugandans shaking heads. Her success is attached to her choice in song writers and producers which exceptionally combined with her vocal strength.


You can’t talk about music in 2017 and skip Fic Fameica names. He came to the scene last year with his pistol song but later released deadly bangers which has made him the most demanded artiste in Kampala currently. He has performed to almost all concerts in Kampala in the past four months. His songs like Kutama, Byenyenya, Mbega wa baala, Kakima have earned him popularity most especially among ladies and the teens. And he is one of the artistes we should expect to do even better in 2018.


You will all agree with me that Eddy Kenzo is Uganda’s darling singer. This year he emerged winner in Afrimma awards one of the most celebrated music awards in the continent. His song Jubilation has dominated the music scene in the whole of Africa and here at home topping charts on different TV stations. He went on and released other songs like Yeele, Akapande, Ekiseera among others.


Other factors constant, Ykee Benda was meant to be number one on this list. Unlike any other Ugandan artiste, he has been the music beast with several songs. He started his Mpaka records this year and managed to release his Kireka Boy album which attracted rivals Bobi wine and Bebe cool to perform on its launch. His songs Superman, Byonkola have attracted air play than any other songs. Kudos ka blaza Ykee Benda.

    Hope you’re not surprised seeing Hon Bobi wine topping this list. His transition from a ghetto gangster to the most loved and recognized Member of Parliament in the whole of Uganda. Unlike other members of parliament, Bobi wine is known in all other constituents he doesn’t represent and he has travelled all parts of Uganda, filled different stadiums and probably is the most demanded and paid artist in Uganda. He has not only been active in politics but also musically, he released several songs including Freedom and Specioza.