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In this article, we will explain how to add a Snapchat swipe up link. FILE PHOTO

Snapchat is a fun and unique app, no doubt. With over 265 million daily users around the world and 2nd place in mobile usage, it has its benefits. 

It is smooth and quick in its response time, it allows you to add as many friends as you want, and you can view a wide variety of stories on it. 

Speaking of the stories, those have grown and advanced quite a bit since Snapchat’s launch in 2011. 

Nowadays in 2021, you can simply swipe right from the main screen and see a collection of funny, unique, or important stories. You can watch news channels, your favourite YouTubers, or gaming montages. 

One unique feature that many users have noticed is the ability to add a Snapchat swipe up link on a Snapchat story. It provides quick access to a YouTube video, an OnlyFans page, or any other website the story creator wishes to link. 

In this article from Flash Uganda Media, we will explain how to add a Snapchat swipe up link, as a consequence many people want to know how to do this.

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Open up Snapchat and Take a Snap

Open up Snapchat and Take a Snap

First, open up the Snapchat app. Right away you will be on the main screen, which is your camera. 

You can do a lot with the camera, but here are some of the things you can do: take a picture, record a short/long video, add stickers/GIFs, apply filters, and much more. 

Snapchat’s camera editing features have grown significantly since its launch, so by now in 2021 you have plenty of options. Anyways, once you decide what you want to do, take a snap. This is done with the large white circle at the bottom middle of the screen. 

Tap it once to take a photo, or hold it down to record a video and release it when you want to stop recording.

Tap the Link Icon and Add your Link

On the right side of the screen, there will be several options for stuff to do to your snap. You can add text, stickers, draw, and more. 

To add a link to the Snapchat story, select the paperclip icon. Once you do this, you can paste a previously copied URL or type in the URL itself. 

Either way, this will add the link.

Attach the Link and Post on your Story

Attach the Link and Post on your Story

Once the desired link has been entered in, it is time to attach to the snap and post it on your Snapchat story. 

Right at the end of the previous step, a large blue button appears that says “Attach to Snap.” Select this and the link you entered in will automatically be attached to your snap. 

To add this snap with the link to your Snapchat story, click the “Send to” button, which is blue and in the bottom right corner. 

From here, you can add it to your story and/or send it to friends. The viewer’s perspective will show there is a swipe up link and they can access the webpage. 

Hopefully, this helps answer any questions about adding a Snapchat swipe up link.