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Yesterday news dominated Social Media most especially Facebook and Twitter showing wife to top
Ugandan singer Moses Ssali alias Bebecool, Zuena Kirema that had given birth to a bouncing baby boy
and they were both safe and well accompanied with photos showing Zuena holding a baby in her hands
claiming that the singer of the infamous “Owa boda” had Given birth to another child.
In this era where whoever owns a smart phone can report news that can’t wait, the rate at which false
communication and fake news is on an increase. Yesterday a Facebook post was uploaded on social
media. According to the post on facebook showed that Zuena had given birth at one of the top city
medical centre in Kampala. However today the mother of four came out and rubbished the rumors
about her.
She “Mata” singer and Founder of ‘Zuena Events and cakes’ an events company took to her social media
“Yesterday was a hectic day for me and my team at Zuena events and cake, I was running around like a
headless chicken all in the name of managing two events, you can imagine a heavily pregnant woman
managing 2 events and they all to begin at the same time 3 pm…..wedding & baby shower. My husband,
daughter and sister stopped every they were doing and joined in. Thankfully the day was a success.
So I finally get time sit down and check my phone, to my surprise my whatsapp is flooding with
congratulatory messages, I have since failed to answer each and everyone that it’s false rumor going
around. When the right time comes me or mwami will surely post it but as for now, am still very
pregnant and working as usual Pakalast” the pregnant Zuena posted on her face book page.
It should be recalled that Zuena and Bebecool have been together for over 12 years and have kids
together among which include Ozil Ssali, Thierry Ssali, Beata and they are expecting there 5 th baby. Bebe
cool is known for taking Zuena to USA whenever she is about to drop a tot but rumors indicate that
Zuena might give birth in Uganda and yes we can confirm that she is still in Kampala.
Apparently a baby shower was organized to celebrate Zuena popularly known as “Mummy Zue”.
At Flash Uganda Entertainment, we wish you Zuena a safe delivery.