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apostle Grace Lubega
Who is Apostle Grace Lubega?

Who is Apostle Grace Lubega? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, wife, family, and the Phaneroo Fellowship Christian Ministry.

Apostle Grace Lubega is a Ugandan Pastor, gospel singer, vision bearer Phaneroo. Lubega is a man of faith, revival, reformation, revolution, vision and anointed by the spirit of God.  

Apostle Grace Lubega is a spiritual father and he teaches that Christ is exalted and not man. He has nurtured many men and women in this gospel and laboured to reproduce his spirit in many. 

He believes in people and ministers and raises them with the mind to make them greater and better. His spiritual children have walked and continue to walk in his footsteps; to heal the sick; to give sight to the blind; to cause the lame to walk, to open deaf ears and many other miracles.

Lubega has set a precedent on how many ought to define excellence and greatness and changed the aspirations of many from the predictabilities that the world dictated to the limitlessness that the word of God dictates.

Apostle Grace Lubega crossed the threshold of all possibilities, saw the world and understood the mind of the spirit about what God can do in and by a man. He does not simply preach, he ministers and imparts the distinctive and manifold wisdom of eternity in the spirit of men.

Apostle Lubega believes perfect happiness comes when one relates to God out of pleasure rather than duty, and he fears nothing because perfect love casts out fear.

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Lubega who is sometimes too desperate to change people within seconds despises insensitiveness and people who judge others, forgetting that Jesus also once said: “he without sin cast the first stone”.

grace lubega of phaneroo
He is the brain behind Phaneroo Fellowship that’s largely attended by University students and young corporates.

Definition of Phaneroo

Phaneroo is one of the current Born Again Christians movements, particularly in Uganda, a name derived from a Greek word simply meaning ‘Make manifest. Phaneroo offers something different, something ‘catchy. 

And the leader of the movement himself is young and energetic and seems to impact the young generation.

Apostle Grace Lubega is the brain behind Phaneroo Fellowship that’s largely attended by University students and young corporates that happens every Thursday at MTN Arena.

Apostle Lubega reveals that he got the idea of Phaneroo because the church had inclined to a very deceptive definition of God yet people were too desperate. 

Consequently, Phaneroo is a Greek word to mean ‘make manifest’. “So the Lord spoke to me to answer the many questions that the church previously left unanswered.”

So the ministry is so attached to young people because the campus stage is the most wasted according to Lubega where many of them have lost the values of Christianity. So Phaneroo is there to solve the problem.

His message 

What his eyes have seen, what his ears have handled, of the word of truth is what Apostle Lubega declares to men (1 John 1:1-3). His message is the very substance of what he has experienced and of the places that he has walked in and by the spirit. 

He teaches divine healing and demonstrates divine healing; he teaches divine providence and demonstrates divine providence; he teaches supernatural expansion and growth of ministry and demonstrates how a ministry supernaturally grows and expands. 

He teaches the supernatural walk of the Christian and demonstrates the supernatural walk of the Christian. 

He is the message that he teaches.

The Apostle has travelled the world with this powerful message of the grace and of the dynamic power of God to many nations and has left the imprint of eternal change in the lives of many everywhere he has been. 

With a captivating teaching style and a great sense of humour, he has endeared himself to many of his listeners.

Many have been healed and continue to be healed through his ministry. Tumours have disappeared, broken bones restored and deaf ears opened. He is a force of change, revival, revolution and transformation in this generation and to the body of Christ in particular.

Apostle Grace Lubega is from a Roman Catholic background. His first conversion was at age eight in response to an altar call at a Crusade but along the way, he dropped out. 

After joining University Lubega converted for the second time, he was predominantly a worshiper then transitioned into a teacher and preacher. 

Besides preaching the word of God Lubega is a multitalented person he plays Basketball and is a banker by profession. He would also love to be a rally driver one day. 

apostle Grace Lubega wife
The two got married in a simply lovely wedding at The Victoria Serena Hotel Kigo on 9th March 2019.


Apostle Grace Lubega is married to Nicole Kavuma. The two got married in a simply lovely wedding at The Victoria Serena Hotel Kigo on 9th March 2019. 

He says his mother is that one person who is a real friend to him and her children.

Grace Lubega Singles

  • Yesu Ndiwuwo 
  • Nsanyuse 
  • Erinnya Lya Yesu
  • Covered
  • We Bw Down and Worship
  • Praise with Apostle Grace Lubega
  • I Can Only Imagine
  • Halleluyah You Have Won the Victory
  • You are Worthy of It All
  • You are the Fire In Me
  • At the Centre of it All 
  • Tis So Sweet

Greatest extravagance

  • Ministry and nothing else; for a ministry to stand, a lot of investment is involved.

Happiest moment

  • His second conversion to Christ at University in November 2005

Greatest Achievement

  • The love from people; there’s nothing to substitute for it he says. And humans are his greatest treasure.

Favourite Writers 

Christian philosophers like C.S. Lewis the writer of Mere Christianity and Essek William Kenyon the writer of ‘In his presence’. Their writings focus on the commitment to have a spirit of excellent wisdom.

Historical figure

Charles Grandison Finney one of the proponents of the second great awakening; he revived the whole continent.

Apostle Lubega’s Heroes 

My biological parents, spiritual father Pastor Isaiah Mbuga. They believed in me at a time when nobody did.

Apostle Lubega’s Motto

  • Believe in people.