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Army Court Imprisons Kitatta For 8 Years Over Unlawful Possession Of Firearms

Bodaboda 2010 Association patron, Abdallah Kitatta and his bodyguard Sowali Ngobi, have been sentenced to eight years, eight months and six days in jail by the Army court in Makindye over unlawful possession of firearms.

The judgement was made on Tuesday morning by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti chairman General Court Martial in Makindye. This followed Monday conviction.

The two were found guilty of unlawful possession of two unlicensed SMG rifle, two pistols and 30 rounds of ammunition conflicting section 3 of the firearms Act.

The guns were found in a car that parked outside Vine Hotel in Wakaliga registration number UAK 135B last year in January as per the court’s records.

In Gutti’s ruling, he said that court is considering the one year and two months the convicts lived in prison. Secondly, the guns the two convicts possessed were not used to commit any offense.

And as a result, court will not sentence them to the 10 years’ maximum imprisonment.

Yesterday after the conviction, Kitatta requested court to be merciful on the sentence because he has family to look after including school going children who needs school fees from him.

He also said that he worked for government and police and so for those reasons court should be lenient on the sentence.

However, Kitatta is allowed to file for an appeal over the sentence.

Kitatta was the chairperson NRM party for Rubaga division at the time of his arrest in January 2018. He was ever proud of NRM, his fame and influence which he used wrongly. He once said that the State is bigger than the law itself.

As a leader Bodaboda 2010, Kitatta and his crew were reportedly torturing Bodaboda riders and tax drivers including theft and murder acts in Kampala city.

Kitatta also threatened to cause commotions in the city at the time court summoned Gen Kale Kayihura to answer charges of torture against Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporters.