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Arrange Your Holiday Loan With A Remortgage Or A Secured Loan

Arrange Your Holiday Loan With A Remortgage Or A Secured Loan – I was uncertain how I was going to raise enough money to attend a film festival and to stay at five star hotels.
The most important film festival takes place in Cannes in May each year, and probably the second most important takes place in Venice each September.

As I was not certain what occasion would suit me better I made up my mind that the best thing would be to find some way of getting enough money together in order that I could be present at both events. While in Venice and The South of France I wanted to enjoy the best of hotels and take trips throughout these beautiful European destinations and their fabulous surroundings.

The South of France is a very attractive area of Europe with the blue sky, golden beaches and clear blue sea. The hills behind the coast are scattered with beautiful old villages boasting stone houses that date from centuries ago with pretty squares with little churches and restaurants serving very tasty local dishes of sea food, steaks, etc. the grapes that produce the wine are grown in the area.

The town of Grasse which is only a few miles from Cannes is the perfume capital of the world, and I longed to visit it. When attending the festival, I really wanted to treat myself by taking one of the suites at the five star Carlton Hotel, and feel like a film star myself by staying at one of the best suites in this magnificent hotel called after the beautiful Italian film star, Sophia Loren.

In Venice I again wanted to stay in the five star Danieli Hotel situated on the Grand Canal, and partake of the food at some of the excellent restaurants that exist in this city of canals.

Arrange Your Holiday Loan With A Remortgage Or A Secured Loan

Arrange Your Holiday Loan With A Remortgage Or A Secured Loan

These two vacations of my dreams would cost a lot of money, but life is for living and after working hard as a hospital doctor for years I feel I deserve it. I had some money in the bank, but felt that I should keep it at my bank for a rainy day, and I puzzled at how I was going to raise the money for my vacations.

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One Saturday evening I was having dinner with a few friends at the local Italian restaurant when I told them what I wanted to do, but that I perhaps could not take these trips as they were a bit beyond my means financially.

It was at this point that one of my friends said that she knew two good ways of arranging the money I needed, and that she had done this to add an extension to her home and to purchase her caravan.

She pointed out that as I had a good salary to afford the repayments and that my mortgage on my house was A?90,000 and the property was worth about A?300,000, that I could arrange a loan on the equity of my home either by a remortgage or a secured loan that both have low interest rates and have repayments that can be spread over as long as twenty five years. Therefore I could easily take my dream trip in a way that was very affordable.

She was right, and when I inquired about remortgages and secured loans I found that with their interest rates of from 1.84% for the former and from 9% for the latter, that I could indeed afford to go to Cannes next May and Venice in September.

I really am grateful to my friend for telling me about all the wonderful things that can be achieved by taking out a secured loan or a remortgage and I am looking forward to my two trips.