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Bajjo Ronald Mayinja V8 Landcruiser new car
Bajjo: Museveni gifts Ronald Mayinja with a brand new car to fight Bobi Wine. File Photo

Bajjo brands Singer Ronald Mayinja a hypocrite after receiving a new car from President Museveni saying it’s a gift to boost him fight Bobi Wine.

Singer Ronald Mayinja, who recently denounced Bobi Wine and launched his Peace for All, All for Peace, a movement that seems to be targeting People Power, has been gifted with a brand new car (V8 Landcruiser) from President Museveni.

According to the event promoter Bajjo, in recent times Mayinja was given Shs600millions, although he had asked for 2billion to forward the deal to fight Bobi Wine.

Bajjo says Ronald Mayinja has received a gift from President Museveni, a V8 Landcruiser similar to those given to supporters of NRM such as Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool.

“Yesterday at 4 pm, Mayinja was given his brand new car though he feared to park the car at his home so he parked it at the hotel. Am told that he’s in preparations of selling the car so that he gets capital because his car costs Shs650M and he’s selling it at shs150M,” said Bajj

Bajjo said that since Mayinja decided to support the NRM, he no longer has any dealings with him because what connected the two was People Power and maybe fighting for human rights.

“Since he has decided to support NRM, you will not hear me talking about Mayinja anymore. My worry with Mayinja was because he was misleading people since he had not decided which side to support yet, but for me am fighting for people’s rights, “Bajjo noted.

Ronald Mayinja Bajjo Museveni Money
Ronald Mayinja is misleading people after eating Museveni money, says Bajjo. File Photo

He added that he and Promoter Abtex are purposeful activists who are fighting for people’s democracy.

“Right now, Bajjo and Abtex are aiming at fighting for people’s democracy. As people will be talking about us in history, they will say the men fought though we saw them as comedians while others will say we thought they were seeking popularity.”

He also warned all those with intent to harm him to take care because he is a public messenger and therefore, if anyone dares to attack him, he will hurt the general public.

“We decided to be international activists because as an activist you don’t fear to die, don’t fear to be abused or even under looked, all those wishing to harm me, just know you’re doing it to the public since am their messenger, “warned Bajjo, events promoter.

Event promoter Bajjo, however, understood that Mayinja has the right to support any political party of his choice because we live in a democratic country.

“Like other people, Mayinja too has the right to support any political party that he wants, no one will choose for him because this is a democratic country, we have people like Catherine Kusasira, Bebe Cool and Balam, “Bajjo stated.