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The Downfall Of The Great Man; Omar Al Bashir

Ousted Omar al-Bashir, moved to prison by Sudan’s military rulers amidst huge protests outside the army complex demanding transfer of government to civilians. A family source revealed the developments.

The source who preferred anonymity, revealed that Bashir was taken on Tuesday late night to “Kober prison in Khartoum.”

During his transfer process to Kober prison in Khartoum, eye witnesses near the prison in North Khartoum say, there was a heavy army deployment outside the prison gate.

Bashir whereabouts have been unknown ever since his over throw on Thursday, now the new military rulers soon after taking over power said the 75-year old dictator was kept in a secure place.

However, protestors refused to move out of the Army compound in Khartoum, ever since Bashir’s detention. And have continued the protests that began in December 2018.

The new military government have caused adjustments to demonstrators including the Tuesday sacking of Omar Ahmed Mohamed, the Prosecutor General. However, protestors have raised concerns that their rioting could be seized.

“We faced tear gas, many of us were jailed. We have been shot and many have died. All this because we said what we wanted to,” one of the protestors Fadia Khalaf speaking to AFP.

65 people are said to have lost lives in these protests since December 2018. And among the dead, some of them where perpetuated in Khartoum mural.

As celebrations proceeds alongside singing and waving of the Sudan flag in Khartoum, the sit-in area where protestors stage, is now covered with tension under fears that the Sudan Military, will anytime attempt to chase away protestors from the area.

“Now we fear that our revelation could be stolen, which is why we are keeping our ground here. We are staging here until our demands are met. Khalaf stated.

Various army vehicles were cited at the start of this week, with army trying to clear the area protestors had messed up that includes taking away barricades placed as security for them. Eyewitness said.

AU gives Sudan 15days to hand over power to civilians.

After military takeover of power on Tuesday, the Army made resolutions which included running the country for two years before holding elections.

But this resolution faced opposition from protestors, by placing their own needs contrary to what the army plans to do.

And following protestors demands characterised by demonstrations, General Awad ibn Ouf who became the Council Chief, resigned his position after just one day in office.

This called for celebrations among protestors on the streets of Khartoum.

He was then succeeded by General Abdul Faitah al-Burhan. And during the weekends al-Burhan and Sudan political parties held talks, but the talks went unsuccessful.

Burhan is “Committed to having a complete civilian government,” he’s however, calling upon other countries to join his campaign. A statement issued by the Foreign Minister Sudan.

The regional bloc African Union, has issued a warning to Sudan that they may face suspension, following the coup.

African Union that has 55-member Nation told the military council to hand over power to civilians within 15days.

While United Nations (UN) offered their support to AU in the process of uniting the two parties in Sudan as regards to the crisis, by giving them a new envoy to work hand in hand with.

Sudan military has support from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). While protestors are backed by western powers advocating foe civilian government. These same people sometime back, called on Bashir to consider protestors demands