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Former FDC president and presidential contestant Kizza Besigye yesterday launched the “People’s Government” as a move to strengthen the Tubalemese campaign and also to oust President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni before 2021.

Flash Uganda Media has learnt of a statement from Ronald Muhinda, one of Besigye’s handlers, at least 500 positions were created for the assembly.

The assembly comprises 93 MPs who against lifting the age limit and representatives from constituencies of MPs that voted to lift the limit from the constitution.

 The Assembly MPs elected Hon. Oduman Okello as Speaker and Cissy Sempa Nabatanzi as Deputy Speaker.

According to the statement, Dr Besigye said the assembly and other political formations will aim to address the issue of governance and disenfranchisement.

“We believe that Uganda is politically divided into two: those who grabbed power and those whose power they grabbed and want to return their power in full. We are a government of the disenfranchised who want to become a government of the enfranchised,” Besigye said.

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Erias Lukwago, who holds the portfolio of deputy president in Besigye’s government said their new assignment in People’s Government comes with “no benefits, emoluments and privileges but rather sacrifice.”

FDC president Patrick Amuriat emphasised the need to use “non-violent means to achieve political change in Uganda”.

The strategies that will be used to chase Mr. Museveni out of power before 2021 are not yet clear.

We will keep you posted