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best bbq restaurants kampala uganda

If you are planning to visit a BBQ restaurant in Kampala, Uganda, you should know this: The mouthwateringly pronounced phrase “barbecue” immediately comes to mind.

As you choose which BBQ restaurants to go to in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, keep this in mind: when we think of food cooked over a fire, the mouthwateringly pronounced word “barbecue” immediately comes to mind.

This word is derived from the early Indian language known as Taino, named barbacoa. It is how they create fire and cook their meat. The term was then appropriated by the Spanish government, who used it to refer to grilling or cooking meat over a fire as opposed than drying it.

 Since that time, numerous nations and industries have embraced the recently discovered method of cooking meat and developed a variety of barbecue recipes employing various cuts of meat in original ways.

Here are the best BBQ restaurants in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, that you should check out.

Kampala Smoke House

The Kampala Smoke House is located on Yusuf Lule Road (At Petro Fuel station), UG Kampala, Uganda. If you want to spend some quiet time with someone or even by yourself, this is the ideal location because it isn’t crowded.

The restaurant operates as a full-service American-style barbecue restaurant where they offer a wide selection of barbecue dishes and delectable desserts. 

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Meals served include Spare Ribs, Pork Ribs, and Skewers, Meat feast Pizza, chicken burgers, wet fried goat, fish, and chicken. Their services are excellent and there is lots of parking near the fuel station.

MJ Barbecue and Outside Catering

MJ Barbecue and Outside Catering

On Old Butabika Rd, Kampala there’s a good barbecue restaurant known as MJ Barbecue and Outside Catering. It’s owned by one Mr. Mbulambago Jackson.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner which are affordable. Quarter Chicken is at UGX 10,000, Chips plain at UGX 5,000, Local buffet is UGX 15,000, and the famous all katogo, which is a mixture of beef, offals, and peas costs UGX 4,000. 

At the restaurant, guests can order a whole fish for UGX 25,000.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday except Sunday when it’s closed.

Hometown BBQ and Grill

Hometown BBQ and Grill ggaba

Hometown BBQ and Grill can be found on Ggaba Road, Kampala.

This place has such a fantastic atmosphere. Hometown BBQ is the place to go if you seek a peaceful, cozy setting to unwind after a demanding workday. 

The restaurant’s excellent service and the grilled beef, pork, and chicken are further pluses. No matter what you eat, the cuisine is always excellent. Their food portions are big enough to share as well.

We highly suggest it, and we almost guarantee that you’ll return it. It’s a kid-friendly location meaning you can come with the children and it’s quite clean. The location is quite accessible, and there is plenty of parking available.

The Lawns Kololo

Lawns is a restaurant located on the beautiful looking 3A Lower Kololo Terrace Rd, Kampala.

There’s nothing here but impressive, timely service, mouthwatering quantities, and delectable meals. All these and more are available at the Lawns Kololo. 

There is a lovely view of the golf field and helpful and polite staff. On your first visit, you should try the crocodile sizzler, more so if you love game meat—this is the place for you.

Their food presentation is another thing you’ll notice. It’s unique with all their game meat labeled on tiny little flags. The wind at the restaurant is so cool making it a cozy location to spend the evening with friends.

Lawns-BBQ Lounge

On Metropole Hotel, Acacia Avenue, Opposite, Kampala visitors are sure to enjoy their BBQ meat. They grill the best BBQ Pork Ribs at only UGX 40,000. 

It is marinated for the entire night, basted with your preferred sauce, and grilled over charcoal. It comes with one side of your choosing.

Then, there are Hawaiian-style pork ribs with grilled pineapple at UGX 42,000. It is served with any one side of your choice, with Hawaiian pineapple sauce, and a bed of grilled pineapple rings.

These are chunky chicken wings that have been roasted over charcoal and basted with the sauce of your choice. You can choose from a variety of sauces: Korean sweet & spicy, honey BBQ, and poussin, all offered with two sides of your choice. This is only a slice of what’s prepared at this BBQ restaurant in Kampala.

Karibu Grill & Lounge Kampala

There’s an upscale restaurant featuring both local and foreign cuisine called Karibu Grill. It’s located in Bugolobi on Spring Road, opposite the Krish Mall. On almost any day there’s a live band, good music, and a hyper crowd.

The Karibu Grill menu has a variety of foods to order from like BBQ chicken wings, chapati, grilled chicken, deep-fried fish, and chips, and an assorted platter including a variety of drinks.

It’s a good location for someone who loves crowds, good music, good food, and a restaurant that’s close to town.

Red Basket Restaurant

They are a steak house that’s very big on meat. They offer the biggest and best of all fresh cuts around Kampala. Visitors looking to check out this place can find them on Kampala Dewinton Road.

They make juices that taste so fresh you’ll love them. Their food portions are generous because it’s served on large platters so guests get a taste of everything. 

Menu highlights include bbq, red basket lusaniya meat platter, local food full chicken meal, mini platter, kebabs, and so much more on one huge platter.

People in groups or families will agree that it’s one of the best in Kampala. Additionally, there is a washing bay for cleaning up your car as you enjoy and pass time.

Zanzibar Restaurant & BBQ

Zanzibar Restaurant & BBQ doesn’t fall short of providing good meals and swift responses. This is the place to go if you want biryani, roasted chicken, roasted goat, and barbecued fare.

From its name, one can tell that the largest crowds are from Zanzibar and other Swahili-speaking nations. They prepare a lot of Swahili cuisine in a platter style.

A few of the meals to expect include Nyama mbuzi, goat biryani, smashed fish biryani, and Lusaniya fish platter. The restaurant has vegetable options for customers that don’t like meat.

Food prices are rather expensive but it all adds up in the food portions served. It’s completely worth it. Still, we recommend you try and have the last say.


uganda kampala bbq restaurants

Many individuals have embraced barbecue’s acceptable taste since recipes for it was created. Nowadays, a lot of restaurants in Uganda have BBQ selections on their menus. 

It is not unexpected that it is one of the most popular dishes at most fast-food companies because many people enjoy its flavor and the chance to socialize around the fireplace as it’s being grilled.