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Best local food restaurants in Kampala Uganda (1)
The capital of Uganda, Kampala, is a wonderful place to visit. Visitors to Kampala will never run out of things to do.

Listed below are the best local food restaurants in Kampala, Uganda offering local food and dishes from other countries, such as Asian, Italian, and coastal cuisines.

A trip to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, will never fail to give you a sense of adventure. There is so much to see and do in Kampala city, from restaurants with local and international food, hotels, shopping malls, markets, and even small shops.

The city has recently undergone so many noticeable changes. New businesses have been set up, especially those in the food industry. 

Now more than ever both locals and foreigners can find affordable yet local food when in Kampala city. 

What’s even better is that foreigners can find restaurants in Kampala that prepare local food from their home country. 

The following restaurants in Kampala, Uganda offer Ugandan cuisine and dishes from other countries, such as Asian, Italian, and coastal cuisines, all of which are available at the same location.

In terms of service, food quality, and ambience, Kampala has several restaurants, all of which have good reviews. 

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Faze 2

Faze 2 is a restaurant in Kampala that serves both local and foreign cuisine. It is situated on Nakasero Hill. Guests can get the tranquil surroundings they require in the well-kept compound and indoor setting.

Faze 2 is also well known for the good customer service it offers, a quality that’s very evident in the way the restaurant staff operate. 

The business also features a private butcher shop, ensuring a steady supply of meat for its guests.

Mama Ashanti Restaurant

One of Kampala’s most accessible restaurants, Mama Restaurant is situated on Plot 20 Kyadondo Road and offers a variety of services to its guests, including online ordering for meal delivery, all types of food, and a suitable spot for families.

This is the place to go to if you enjoy the cuisine of West Africa. Although they are rather pricey, Mama Ashanti offers you the full package of seclusion and a hidden getaway with your friends with its quiet beauty and serene setting.

They are one of the best local food restaurants in Kampala Uganda because they prepare okra stew, Fufu, Egusi, and Jollof rice and meat.

2K Restaurant

One of the best local meals can be found at 2K Restaurant, which is centrally positioned in downtown Kampala. 

They have some of the best waiters and waitresses. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, they happily welcome you and take your order. 

The most popular dish at 2K restaurant is the meat and chicken pilau, which is offered at a fair price. They also serve luwombo, which is a classic, that includes g.nuts, chicken, fish, and mushrooms. 

While the local food is the best, the only downside is that the restaurant has only restricted parking since its downtown. However, you can be sure your car is safe if you park it in close vicinity.

St Anthony Restaurant 

St. Anthony, a restaurant in Kampala, offers a wide selection of scrumptious local foods. They have a good system in place for taking care of customers, and they provide the best organic food in the city.

 They serve a selection of regional delicacies, some of which are: In addition to boiled, non-fried native foods the restaurant serves rice, beans, greens, and luwombo which is a stew of chicken, beef, and fish. 

Namasuba Park Hotel Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best local food restaurants in Kampala, Uganda. It is situated along Rashid Khamis Road which offers one of the best locations for relaxation. 

Most people like the restaurant because it’s in the same area as the bus park, which is very beneficial to people travelling upcountry. The short distance will give you enough time to make reservations and be at the bus stop in time. 

At Namayiba Restaurant, a variety of foods are offered, including both local and international cuisines.

This native delicacy, called luwombo is served at the restaurant. The source is steamed by wrapping it in banana leaves. On the side, Matooke is served with it. You can also order other foods like rice, potatoes, or cassava.

They are also renowned for serving the tastiest tilapia in Kampala, prepared to each customer’s specific tastes and at a very reasonable cost.

Piato Restaurant 

In the centre of Kampala, on plot 20 of Lumumba Avenue in Nakasero, is where you’ll find Piato restaurant.

As implied by their slogan, “The King of the Grill,” Piato dishes up some of Kampala’s greatest grilled meals. You can pay with cash or a credit card, and the waiters and waitresses provide excellent service while making you feel at home with the food and friendliness.

The restaurant has a perfect setting for couples looking to dine together and offers you complete privacy. It’s also a great spot for hanging out.

The majority of the foods served at Piato are Italian and Asian cuisine. Some of these include chicken that is combined with bread crumbs and seasonings for the “fried chicken”.

They also serve grilled beef fillet steak, which is offered with either a dash of pepper or a mushroom sauce. 

best restaurants in kampala (1)
The city offers so much to tourists, including restaurants, malls, and hotels, as well as markets, and even small shops.

Shaka Zulu Restaurants

Shaka Zulu, which is on Bugolobi Kiswa road, is regarded as Kampala’s top restaurant for both friendly service and mouth-watering local food. 

It provides you with a tranquil location to unwind away from the busy highways and city commotion just a short drive from the city centre.

They serve a variety of food from all around Uganda, including millet bread, matooke, rice, cassava, potatoes, and food from other nations, including pizza and steak. 

You may order food online or by calling the restaurant, and they deliver at your doorstep.

Seascallop Bar & Restaurant

The Kamwokya-based Seascallop restaurant serves a wide selection of meals as a buffet at a reasonable cost. It has kind employees who promptly attend to your food demands.

They serve luwombo, rice, matooke, and ground nuts. Another tasty dish offered at this restaurant is the biryani.

Pakalast Restaurant Makindye

Pakalast Restaurant Makindye is located on Mobutu road Makindye Kampala Uganda.

The restaurant is especially famous for its breakfast menu of “Katogo” Katogo is matooke cooked together with a sauce of choice, either beef, gnuts, green peas, or beans. The aroma that’s produced by this local food is what keeps customers coming.

They serve other types of Ugandan local food such as rice, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, beef, chicken, beans, and a whole lot, all at affordable prices.

Their waiters and waitresses are extremely kind as they’ll welcome you and serve you with extreme professionalism.

The Base Bar and Restaurant

The Base Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nicely cooked Ugandan local food. It’s located in Bugolobi behind Bugolobi medical centre.

At this restaurant, guests can enjoy nyama choma (boiled goats meat), chicken, rice, and matooke among other local dishes. Kenyans who live in Uganda or those visiting will enjoy their ugali and sukuma wiki.

They equally come with good customer service, because their waiters and waitresses are trained to take care of everything the guest needs. It’s a restaurant that’s worth checking out.


Most of the restaurants on this list are considered to be the best local food restaurants in Kampala, Uganda because they serve a variety of local cuisines at affordable prices.

Also, they are located close to the city center and can easily be accessed with enough parking space. 

So the next time you feel like eating authentic local food, check out these restaurants that were shared.