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Here are some of the best restaurants in Najjera, the small Kampala suburb in Kira municipality. 

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the best restaurants in Najjera, a small Kampala suburb located in Kira municipality.

For most, they know it as one of those places in Kampala with luxurious apartments and hotels. We aren’t quite certain why there are so many nice places in Najjera but we’re sure that you’ll love the restaurants there.

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Najjera that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Tian Food Court

Tian Food Court is located at Najjera 2, Najjera. High-quality fast food and drinks are available in Tian Food Court Najjera in a very ambiance setting.

Tian Food Court is an eatery that prepares continental foods, an ala carte, and pastries. The restaurant menu includes a pizza combo, liver, and steamed vegetables, chicken salad, goat ribs, and more.

The establishment also hosts Birthdays, Baby showers, Bridal showers, and wedding receptions. They do food deliveries for people around Najjera and the surrounding areas as well.

The Gardens, Najjera

The Gardens Najjera

These gardens, with a restaurant in Najjera, are located on plot 67 Mbogo Road, Kampala. It’s a very beautiful location with delicious cuisine, beverages, and breakfast.

For visitors with cars, you may check out their car steam & foam washing bay, and massage spa for those who want to relax on a deeper level. 

The Gardens Najjera has excellent customer service which makes this a good place to eat, and enjoy your time away from home. They also provide fast and free WiFi Internet

Tavern Breeze Gardens

For individuals who appreciate a tidy, tranquil, and green atmosphere. This is the spot to be because of the grass-thatched roofs that keep the shades perpetually cool.

Parking space is in plenty for about 20 cars, all under the watchful eye of security personnel.

Once you arrive at Tavern Breeze Gardens, you can expect to find an attractive food menu. Popular dishes at this restaurant include fried pork and chips, fried fish, and chicken barbecue. 

Guests can as well order cold beers and sodas if they prefer.

Customer care is top-notch at this location. You can expect to be treated with the utmost respect.

Gabie’s Brown Chicken

Gabie’s Brown Chicken is the greatest spot to buy or order grilled chicken. Unlike most restaurants on our list, this one doesn’t have places to sit. You simply have to order your chicken or contact them via phone and it’s delivered to your preferred location.

Their chicken is charcoal rolled and grilled to give it a taste and scent almost impossible to resist. One of the best roast chicken places in Najjera so far is this one.

Ndereyaz Restaurant & Take Away Najjera

This restaurant and takeaway are located on Kiwatule Najjera Road, Kampala. While it may have limited seating space, it serves delicious fast food.

Anyone that loves well-fried chips and chicken must try out this spot. It’s one of those places where you want to enter, have a quick bite and head out.

The entire area is clean, conducive, less crowded, and almost has no noise as it is in other places around town. It’s also one of those restaurants where one can seat and do some work on their laptop without being distracted.

Katicfoods Najjera

Katicfoods can be found at 1 Mbogo Road 1, Kampala, Najjera

This is the best place to have breakfast around Najjera. Most foods prepared are fast foods that include chips & liver, Half chicken and full chicken, sausages, beans, liver, rice & gravy, and rice & offals. 

For breakfast, they serve African tea, lemon, and black tea. Breakfast foods include sausages, katogo, and Rolex plus a juice of your choice. All beers are available and they go for as little as UGX 4,000 a bottle.

Breakfast costs between UGX 4,000 and 6,000 a meal. Lunch meals cost UGX between 7,000 to UGX26,000. Healthy food options are also available such as boiled goat meat and boiled chicken. This is the most affordable restaurant in Najjera serving a wide range of snacks and meals.


Enjoying what Najjera has to offer? It will even be better when you visit these restaurants in person. Anyone visiting or staying in Najjera shouldn’t have to sit in a 2 hour traffic jam trying to get to a city restaurant. 

Everything is right there in the Najjera neighborhood and our list of restaurants in Najjera confirms it. The best foods can be ordered in these restaurants such as pizza, roast goat’s meat, chicken, liver, fish, katogo, and all kinds of drinks.