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Bobi Wine Responds To Dr Besigye’s Earlier Claims That Democracy Will Not Unseat President Museveni
bobi wine

People power pressure group leader, Kyadondo East Legislator, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, best known as Bobi Wine has responded to Dr Besigye, the opposition strong man and former FDC president’s earlier claims that Democracy cannot off seat president Museveni.

Bobi Wine says he and other opposition political figures believed in democracy a part from Dr Besigye who after losing always finds excuses.

“For a leader to say a vote can never oust Museveni without offering a solution is disappointing. We believe in democracy and it should not depend on us but on people. What politicians cannot solve, the people of Uganda can solve, they should continue to register as voters and be many.”

He adds that democracy worked in the past elections including his own win in Kyadondo East Constituency, the Arua Municipality, Bugiri elections and Jinja East vote. He says as it happened it will happen again in 2021 general election.

“Don’t talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you say it doesn’t work, we believe it works.”   

Relatedly, Bobi Wine said that he was forced to attend the meeting on grounds that he believes in unity.

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“I was compelled to come here today ladies and gentlemen; because I believe in unite. We were praying crossing our figures wanting you people to agree so that you can liberate us.

It was the worst disappointment to see our leaders failing to agree, and indeed what we are trying to do differently is to call upon the people so, that even now when we talk about unity you refused to unite the people will not fail to unite.”

Bobi Wine made the remarks at an official ceremony of forming a new coalition agreement between DP, Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Micheal Mabike and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Dr Abed Bwanika earlier on Thursday 4 April 2019.

But surprisingly Bobi wine did not sign the agreement, meaning though he attended and believes in unity as he said in his statement he’s not yet part of the formed coalition.