Singer Weasel at war with Mowzey Radio family over property
Radio left a lot of property when he died

The unbelievable news that has just reached our desk is the death of the talented singer and vocalist Moses Ssekibogo aka Moze Radio who has passed on at Case clinic after days bedridden.

Moze Radio who was thumped by unknown people at the Entebbe based “De Bar” bar has finally pqssed on from Case Clinic. According to reports, the singer was beaten and his skull and head damaged and injured. He was admitted at Case Clinic in Kampala and many had contributed millions of money to save his life and apparently among these include President Yoweri Museveni who contributed 30 million and Socialite Bryan White who contributed 25 million recently.

More details to follow

Rest in Peace Moses. You will always be remembered.