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Business: UgaKart rebrands online selling business in Uganda

As many Ugandans continue to complain about the poor service delivery of private online selling businesses in Uganda like poor quality items, high prices and failure to deliver the products on time by different online companies around town, UGAKART (www.ugakart.com) has recently tried to rebrand and recover the lost image of online business by offering high quality products, timely deliveries, high responsive rate, favorable discount rates and low and friendly prices on their products.

Business: UgaKart rebrands online selling business in Uganda
Ugakart has good deals on several items

Besides being a one stop online market with thousands of different high quality products like computers and laptops, bags and clothing, smart phones, women’s dresses, men’s footwear, sweaters, hand bags, perfumes, Indian dresses, make up, sunglasses and many more others, Ugakart offers the biggest discounts on all their products. For instance when one buys products worth 50,000 shillings only on Ugakart, a discount of over 3,000 shillings is provided.

UGAKART is a Ugandan online shopping portal operated by Emerald Global Limited which aims to build a highly customer focused one stop shop dealing in items like Cameras, stationary, home and living materials like beds, chairs, mobile phones, electronics, flower bouquets. Currently, Ugakart is considered as one of Uganda’s fast growing online shops due to its fast and timely deliveries, low prices and a vast collection of merchandise.

Previously online shopping business has been hindered by non responsive mobile apps and website and it seems that it already solved the issue already. Ugakart Android and Apple mobile app formats are fast and allows the customers to purchase any items on their convenience.

With Ugakart, the customer is doesn’t pay money for the item before it is delivered in what is called COD (Cash of Delivery) to avoid disappointments and fraud. Customers are allowed to pay for the items delivered after identifying the quality and quantity of the items delivered.

You can buy a classy dress at only 29000 shilling, men watches at only 22,000, handbags at 37000 and many other items on Ugakart.

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Ugakart is located at Plot 103 Bukoto St, Kampala. Call them on +256-706123123.

Visit www.ugakart.com to get access to the high quality items delivered on your door in you favourite Kafunda anytime and no cost.

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By Paul Wetaase