flexipay charges

How Does Flexipay by Stanbic Bank Work?

Stanbic FlexiPay is an example of the financial industry following a standard routine. The financial industry frequently charges service fees while maintaining your money's...
make operating company profitable

How To Make Operating A Company More Profitable?

The key to making your company more profitable is to manage it effectively and make it profitable. Here are some tips on making a...
business tips for Opening A Firm

Business Tips: What Steps Should Be Followed When Opening A Firm?

Getting your own business off the ground can be incredibly rewarding, but you must take the necessary steps to make sure your business succeeds. Starting...
Uber introduces two new products in Kampala

Uber Introduces Two New Products in Kampala

As of today, Uber has announced new changes to its product offerings in Kampala, Uganda. UberX Saver has been discontinued. Uber Boba 50% discount excites...
send mtn mobile money to kenya (1)

MTN Mobile Money: How to Send Money to Another Number in Kenya

In Uganda, MTN Mobile Money customers can send money to Kenya using Safaricom MPesa or Airtel. Both senders and recipients will be able to...
Dormant Mobile Money Accounts in Uganda: What Happens

Uganda: What Happens When Your Mobile Money Account Goes Dormant?

Airtel and MTN must provide account holders with advice on how to reactivate their accounts one month before their accounts become inactive. Since its inception,...

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