finance trust bank mobile app

How to Get Trust Mobile Loan on Your Phone / Loan KU Simu

Trust Mobile Loan from Finance Trust Bank, a commercial bank in Uganda, is a simple and quick way to borrow money from anywhere in...
atm card visa stanbic bank

ATM Card/Visa From Stanbic Bank: Types and How to Get Them

With the Stanbic Bank ATM/Visa card, you can swipe or tap to pay for regular purchases. Many merchants also require this method of payment. Keeping...
replacing stanbic bank atm visa

How Do You Replace Your Stanbic Bank ATM or Visa Card?

Having lost your Stanbic Bank ATM card or VISA card can be very frustrating and scary for anyone. This article will give you the...
innovators shortlisted africa prize

15 Innovators Shortlisted for the 2023 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

For the 2023 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, 15 African entrepreneurs and their pioneering technologies have been...
edit contact card on iphone

Your iPhone Contact Card: Why You Should Edit It and How

The iPhone creates a contact card automatically based on the Apple ID of each user. The iPhone contact card usually contains only the user's...
how to log out of google account on android

Best Way to Log Out of Your Gmail or Google Account From Anywhere

You will remain logged in unless you explicitly log out or quit the browser in which you were signed in to your Gmail or...

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