best crystals for protection and healing

Here Are 6 Crystals You Can Use for Protection and Healing

The sunstone is widely known for its healing properties and ability to attract unexpected prosperity. Read on to find out about some alternative crystals...
Buying a Condominium in Uganda for sale naalya (1)

Before You Buy a Condominium in Uganda, Here Are a Few Things to Consider

In this article, we will look at the factors you need to consider when buying a condominium in Kampala, Uganda so that you know...
School fires in Uganda new crest kawempe

School Fires in Uganda: What Causes Them and How You Can Help

In Uganda, classrooms and dormitories regularly catch fire, why do these fires happen, and who is to blame, here are the causes for school...
Samsung Galaxy Fold phone released in 2019

Here Is a List of Samsung Phones Released in 2019

Samsung has released other phones that aim to meet the needs of the market in 2019 in addition to the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is a global...
Full Phone Specifications of Samsung galaxy s21

Comparing Samsung Galaxy s21, Galaxy s21 Plus and Galaxy s21 Ultra

In this article, Flash Uganda Media examines the full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21...
10 examples of fasting in bible

Fasting in the Bible: 10 Examples From the New and Old Testaments

Fasting is becoming a diet regimen routine these days, but it actually comes from the Bible as a spiritual act. Fasting has become a diet...

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