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Behind the Scenes Of the Boat Cruise Tragedy
Prince Wasajja was also on the boat with the slay queens

Boat cruise accident, how it happened; Yesterday a boat carrying at least 100 people heading to Mutima country haven resort capsized in Mpatta Sub County in Mukono leaving tens of people dead and up to now the army and Uganda Police force are still trying to rescue the one alive and securing the dead ones.

Among the people that were rescued include popular singer and Vocalist Iryn Namubiru, David Wasajja, brother to Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, John Kiyimba Freeman, Hope Mukasa with other associate who were sailing on Lake Victoria on Saturday afternoon.

What Caused The Boat Cruise Accident?
boat cruise accident

A lot has been said about this boat cruise accident most especially on social media and several other media platforms in the country where people have come with different possible causes of this accident.

Many have attributed the boat cruise accident to drunkardness of the people who were sailing on the capsized boat and continued to ignore the advice that given to them by the captains of the boat.

Many and even the ones recued by the police force have confirmed that almost all the people on the Boat were drinking and sipping on expensive and strong whiskeys and beer all day since it was a party to celebrate their lives.

According to reports although they have not been officially confirmed, they show that most of the people on this boat were not settled and were just having fun on one side of the boat and could not listen or agree to the orders given by the captain and hence the deadly accident.

However according to police force through its spokesperson Patrick Onyango has confirmed that the real cause of this accident was overloading although he didn’t disclose the maximum numbers of people this boat can transport.

What Caused The Boat Cruise Accident?
boat cruise accident

Onyango also says that the weather on Lake Victoria which was not favourable to move from one destination to another although the captain continued.

President Museveni through his official twitter account has brought his theory and blamed the accident on the inexperienced captains who should face punishment in case they survive the accident. He said that all those who were in control must face justice for criminal negligence.



Museveni said,

“The operators of this boat will be charged with criminal negligence and manslaughter, if they have not already been punished for their mistake by dying in the accident”

Museveni also thinks that lack of monitoring, unregistered, and poor serviced boats may be the reason for this accident and he has already ordered the registration of all boats on Uganda waters.

“We suspect the mechanical condition of boat was poor and this could be cause of this accident” said Asuman Mugenyi, director of operations of the Uganda Police.

On whose theory expresses the truth about the real cause of this tragedy accident, we shall keep you posted.

May the souls of the soldiers who lost this battle, rest in eternal peace