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Ham Kiggundu accused of evicting a People Power supporter
Ham Kiggundu accused of evicting a People Power supporter

City tycoon Ham Kiggundu accused of forcefully evicting a tenant on claims to be a supporter of People Power.

Hamis Kiggundu, popularly known as Ham, a city tycoon has been accused of strongly evicting a tenant because he promotes People Power Movement led by Kyadondo East Constituency’s Hon Kyagulanyi stage name Bobi Wine.

The swift turn of the event comes after Faizal Kisiki, owner of Faiz Café at Level 5 in Makerere Ham Towers, paid a visit to Bobi Wine and took photos with him.

Kisiki, through his Muwadda and Company lawyers, is planning to file a lawsuit against Kiggundu’s actions, and in his sue notice he says that he was not in debt in any way meaning that the firm closure of his business was non-committal and misdirected.

Kisiki says the closure of his business was a financial retardation on his side, because he has lost sums and sums of money in the process.

Our (client) has through our offices already noticed yours vide MWD/HAM-AL/009/12/19 that yours (Ham Kiggundu) returns money in their possession stolen from our presence all his remaining assets if not already as well tempered with by yours. We find your call that ours contact yours over the same as idle.

the notice reads in part

However, when tycoon Ham Kiggundu was approached for a comment he said he was not ready to do cheap politics.

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Sorry, I don’t do cheap politics

Tycoon Ham Kiggundu