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Comfort Homes Dominate Real Estate Business in Uganda

For over 25 years, parents groom and train their children to work hard and become important people in the future, they provide good and comfortable homes to their children to enable them grow in a good and comfortable condition. They make sure that these children take it as an example to also provide comfortable and good homes for their children (grandchildren) because every child deserves to be raised in a good home.

Home is the best place on earth, no matter wherever it is. Be it in the villages or in the city centre, everyone needs a good home. The real estate business has been growing steadily in Uganda in the past years due to the increased demand from consumers. Ugandans now look for better homes which can better their lifestyle and comfort without moving out of the country.

Comfort Homes Dominate Real Estate Business in Uganda
Comfort Homes’ Cozy Cottages in Gayaza

In Uganda today, successful people are partly recognized on their ability to put a descent roof on top of their heads and who ever fails to buy or construct a good house but remain a tenant for the rest of their lives is a complete failure. Real men raise funds however little it maybe in order to find a descent home.

Constructing a home is complicated and hectic for working people and for those people who live abroad and therefore there is an urgent need to hire a professional to give a hand. Several estates companies have been established to build and design beautiful homes for people who cannot afford to sit on the site every day and night. Many have started and failed in the process mainly due to dishonesty, lack of a clear plan, fraud and too high costs among others.

There was a gap and need for a genuine and professional estates company.

So the rise of Comfort Homes

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Comfort Homes Uganda is a leading and one of the most trusted estate business in Uganda dealing in well constructed homes, commercial business and property management. Comfort homes Uganda offers homes ranging from as low as UGX 47 million shillings with very nice bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, ample parking space, green spaces, children pay area among others,.

Comfort Homes Dominate Real Estate Business in Uganda
comfort Homes’ Casa Belvedere Located in Nalya

Since its inception, Comfort homes have become synonymously the best estates company in Uganda with quality developed residential houses, commercials and affordable apartments to purchase or lent. Comfort Homes high speed growth is attributed to the company’s exclusive allegiance to customer satisfaction, high quality estates, affordable and friendly prices, good customer service, professional partnerships, fast estates delivery, well planned and designed estates and being genuine to their customers.

Comfort Homes also aim at delivering top quality constructions, compliance with national and international regulations, improve on services delivered, site inspection and project management from its well trained staff members.

Comfort Homes is located at G26 Metroplex Mall Naalya, P.O Box 2753 Kampala Uganda.

For more information call +256706 525352

Or email [email protected], [email protected] or visit www.comfort-homes.com for more detailed information and available projects.

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