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Why You Should Consider Having Lunch At Cafe Javas

Whenever you think about having lunch meals, first place in mind should be Cafe Javas, a home of best meals around Kampala.

Cafe Javas is a town restaurant having various branches which include Kira road, Kampala road at Boulevard, Bombo road, another at Oasis mall, Cargen House, Nakawa, and along Namirembe road ready to deliver the best dishes to its customers.

Recently, Cafe Javas also continued to spread its wings to Kenya at Koinange Street in Nairobi to provide different services to its customers in Kenya and at several occasions they have rewarded its loyal customers most especially those who follow them on social media.

In sanitation Cafe Javas is exceptional they hold the banner. So if at all you think of having your lunch in a decent, clean and excellent environment for your meals and relaxation you, your family or friends don’t hesitate to pass by Café Javas.

Why You Should Consider Having Lunch At Cafe Javas
Cafe Javas kampala boulevard

It’s one of the well organised restaurants of the time. With brilliant, clean, caring and attentive staff right from waiters, waitresses, chefs, and the management team all in service of you.

Cafe Javas treatment to its customers has earned itself a title of a home away from home.

Just like they say great food, great coffee, great services and experience that will make your time with them memorable as their commitment for you.

Cafe Javas provide several dishes which include Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches, Gourmet Burgers, Big meals, Curries, Pasta, Ranger meals, tasty meals among others.

They have Beef, Caribbean Jerk chicken, chicken Skewers, Chicken Tenders Platter, Fish Fingers and chips, Grilled Cajun Tilapia, Grilled Tilapia which my favourite and I always have in company of my friends, Juicy grilled chicken breast, mush room grilled chicken breast and Rustica grilled fish fillet.

Cafe Javas also serves Appetizers like grilled chicken wings, samosa and spring roll platter in addition to Salads like Caesar salads, chicken salads, chreek salads, Thai. Chicken salads, Tuna salads, Javas mixed green, cobb salads, Cajun chicken salads and B.B.Q Ranch chicken salads the one I always have.

Café Javas also serves excellent Gourmet Burgers like; Big is Big burger, B.B.Q burger, Guacamole burger, Hawallan B.B.Q chicken burger my taste, Mexican burger my sister likes most, mushroom and cheese burger inclusive. Now what’s pending is you visiting Javas and taste the experience.

Why You Should Consider Having Lunch At Cafe Javas
Luch at Cafe Javas

And for everyone who enjoys Sandwich like me Javas has it in plenty for you, the likes of chicken pesto, chicken parmesan sandwich, B.B.Q chicken, chicken salads sandwich my best choice, classic cheese and Tomato, chicken tikka classic, grilled vegetable club I like this too, classic Turkey toasted sandwich, Half and Halfsandwich, Javas club sandwich, tomato, cheese& Avocado, philly cheese steak & Tuna salads sandwich.

You can also experience the best taste of Curries at Javas like; the Javas signature, fish chicken korma, split decision curry, madras beef curry and also the vegetable curry.

You will be excited by Javas’ Mex-fix like Burrito, sizzling fajitas soft Tacos and southwester N Quesadilla just of great taste.

In relation to the above meals Café Javas contains Kid & Range meals such as; Beef burgers & fries, chicken burgers& fries chicken strips, kiddy sandwiches, pan fried Tilapia fillet my best choice I always have while with my sisters and brothers, tommy fish fingers, pasta master, kiddy veggie burger and fries, kiddy fries &chicken Quesadilla.

All these great food awaits you with favourable prices and in this case you will never regret Café Javas being your second home of value.

Visit any Cafe Javas branch today and have enjoy the best lunch around town.

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