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Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa

Who is Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, tribe, and relationship with Mr Kagyenyi, Charles Mutasingwa, Njeru division, Buikwe district, early life and education of the current Woman Member of Parliament for Buikwe District in Uganda.

Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa, also known as Diana Mutasingwa Kagyenyi, is a businesswoman and politician from Uganda. 

Currently, she serves as Cabinet Minister of State in Uganda’s Vice Presidential Office. Diana Mutasingwa was elected as the first minister of Buikwe and is the current Woman Member of Parliament for Buikwe District. 

Early Life and Education

Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa was born in 1990 to Charles Mutasingwa, a businessman and farmer and Mrs Mutasingwa in Bukaya, Njeru division, Buikwe district. 

Born to parents from the Ankole region in Western Uganda, Diana Mutasingwa is a Munyakole from the Banyakole Tribe. 

Diana spent a brief period of time living in Njjeru in the Buikwe District of Central Uganda before being relocated to Kampala to begin her early childhood education. 

After completing her studies, she married Mr Kagyenyi at a historic wedding in Kampala. She attended Kampala Parent’s School for her primary education. 

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Later, she enrolled in Greenhill Academy to pursue both the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). She then went to Hertfordshire International College in the United Kingdom and received a diploma and her first degree.

Career and Professional Work Experience

diana nankunda mutasingwa

Before entering politics, Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa worked at Kampala Capital City Authority as one of the Management Staff, at Shuya Sanitary napkins as the communications manager and at Afro Freight Clearing and Forwarding Company as the Human Resource manager.

She ran for the position of mayor of Njeru Municipality in 2018 as an independent candidate but lost to Yasin Kyazze in a very heated contest where she ended up hospitalized. 

She then ran for Buikwe’s Woman Member of Parliament in 2021 on the National Resistance Movement political party permit where she garnered 43,215 votes and won the elections over seven other opponents. 

She was sworn in as the Buikwe District Woman Member of Parliament on May 19, 2021, replacing famous gospel musician, Judith Babirye who had absconded and retreated to the U.S. in 2018.

Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa was appointed as the State Minister in the Office of the Vice President by President Museveni. 

As regards her duties in this office, she would be working with Jessica Alupo, the Vice President of Uganda who succeeded Edward Ssekandi

She was also chosen to represent the Buikwe District Football Association in Uganda, and from 2021 onwards, she would serve as the District Football Associations’ official sponsor.

Achievements and Awards

The net worth of Diana Mutasingwa has been reported to be UGX 677 million, but neither Forbes nor official documentation can confirm this. 

In 2021, Mutasingwa was able to earn UGX 350 million, which was her biggest revenue year. The 350 million comes from her position as Woman Member of Parliament.

Buikwe district was carved out of Mukono in 2009 and not until 2021 when Museveni appointed Nankunda, did Buikwe have its first Minister.


diana nankunda mutasingwa biography

Diana Nankunda Mutasingwa was allegedly poisoned by competitors during the heated 2018 Njeru Municipality mayoral race campaigns in parts of the Nyenga Division. This led to her hospitalization at Nile International Hospital in Jinja before being transferred to Nairobi for advanced treatment. 

In support of her daughter, Charles Mutasingwa travelled to the communities and staged rallies, and door-to-door meetings while Diana remained bedridden in Nairobi. 

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