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Drama In Church: Pastor Bugingo’s Marriage Under Fire

The marriage of Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, a renowned pastor of House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI), also known as Canaan Land and proprietor of Salt Media hits rocky grounds, after a fight with his Wife Teddy Bugingo.

Pastor Bugingo on the 28th of April 2019 Sunday service sermon, clearly said that his wife was attempting to claim the church land before completing the divorce deal, something that left followers in shock.

“This land does not belong to me, my wife or even my children. This is church land. My wife can go hang!” pastor Bugingo telling the church.

Although Pastor Bugingo and his wife Pastor Teddy have not divorced yet, church land is believed to be the only remaining deal to this agreement.

As clearly stated in the divorce Act of Uganda’s marriage laws, Pastor Teddy, Bugingo’s wife says she should get a share of this church if at all they are to officially end their marriage.

However, a close source to Pastor Bugingo, who preferred anonymity, said that Bugingo is ready to move on but not ready to underwrite the church land to wife Teddy.

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Few days back, reports emerged that Pastor Bugingo’s wife was no longer living at his husband’s house, that she was living in one of the apartments in Bugloobi, something that confused House of Prayer Ministries followers, wondering what has come over their marriage and relationship.

The land that Pastor Teddy Bugingo, the wife to Pastor Bugingo claims, is a church 8.5-acre land located in Makerere Kikoni close to Bwaise in Kawempe Division, where hundreds of people from different parts of the country gather to worship God.