Congo’s Opposition Leader Tshisekedi Wins Presidential Poll

Congo’s Catholic Church has declined the official results announced earlier on Thursday by authorities, arguing that it’s tally did not give Felix Tshisekedi the opposition leader victory.

The Catholic Church, one of the most honoured institutions in Congo said that the pronouncement lines up a prospective show with president Joseph Kabila’s government over a poll many fear could provide more violence in the extensive and volatile country having 80 million people currently.

Tshisekedi aged 55 won the December 30th presidential election kicking out his main opponent and a businessman Martin Fayulu as declared by Congo’s electoral commission (CENT).

“The results from the presidential elections as published by CENT do not correspond to the data collected by our observation mission from polling stations and vote counts,” National Episcopal conference of Congo observers said in a statement they issued.

Catholic Observers Mission say that Fayulu won the elections including France and Belgium.

It’s said Kabila arranged an “electoral coup” to deny Fayulu the presidential seat. Though it went that way Tshisekedi’s supporters went on to celebrate their unlikely win.

On Thursday, two people were killed in chaos that happened at the western town although other parts of the country looked to be stable.

It’s said Tshisekedi and Kabila conspired for him to win and later share power. It was a deal stamped by the two according to Fayulu who grew angry and suspicious over the election results.

He went on to say that; since the election time Kabila’s representatives and Tsisekedi camp were much in contact claiming to ensure peaceful transition of power and elections contradicting having a common deal. However, election officials did not separate the results according to regions like in the earlier polls.

Tshisekedi’s supporters were spotted commemorating in some parts of Kinshasa were he had great supporters while the eastern mining heartland and Katanga towns were calm.

Two people were announced dead in melee, in Kikwit town 500km from the Capital city Kinshasa when security officers fired live bullets responding to the crowds who had pounced government symbols.

Nevertheless, protestors belonging to Fayulu camp stormed central town of Kinshasa contesting the results.

“We will never accept this nomination. It’s not a victory for Felix. CENT has appointed him,” Georges Bingi Fayulu Party member in eastern city of Goma stated.

Meanwhile, Fayulu is expected to appeal before the constitutional court in Congo. While Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary who finished the third in the race also Kabila’s handpicked candidate confessed the results.

“Of course, we are not happy as our candidate lost, but the Congolese people have chosen,” Barnabe Kikaya bin Karubi Shadary spokesman stated.

Kabila ruled Congo since 2001 after the assassination of his father and ruled beyond his stated timeline by two years. And now his collaboration with Tshisekedi has raised question over his political future.

According to Kabila he’s still involved in politics and expects to run in the 2023 presidential race when he anticipates not to be narrowed by presidential terms.

Tshisekedi lacks political experience, political blow and revolutionary status his father attained. While campaigning for democracy under three successive presidents.

He inherited UDPS party leadership after the death of his father Etienne in 2017. Meaning he’s still young in politics

Fayulu is supported by former governance Moise Katumba, two of Kabila’s fierce rivals and ex-rebel Jean-Pierre Bemba and any advancement in the Fayulu camp’s action risks exploding Congo’s cycle of unrest.

Especially in the eastern borderlands where he appreciated powerful brace including active militia groups.

In eastern Congo elections were detained oppressing more than 1.2m people and it’s still debatable whether voting will be held again in these part of the country.

According to official results the edge between Tshisekedi and Fayulu was less than 700.000 which according to members of Tshisekedi party the election was an historical event to them in the fight for democracy in DRC.

And inauguration of the president elect is scheduled for 18th. Jan 2019.