Uganda Boda boda number plates
Police start electronic number plates registration of Boda boda countrywide. File Photo

Police start electronic number plates registration of Boda boda countrywide

As the fight against crimes in the country strengthens, the government has instituted electronic number plates registration of Boda boda as another remedy that will help end criminality in the country.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson on Monday 2, December 2019, said that Police in all regions, divisions and districts in the country have begun electronic registration of Boda boda number plates in the country.

Enanga says electronic number plates will enhance public safety and make it easy for Police to curb crimes committed on Boda bodas which is currently on a rise.

“The exercise began two months ago as part of our security-enhancing mechanism. The measure will make it easier to Police, the Boda boda sector, given the rise in crime,” said Enanga. “It will promote public safety and accessibility, matters that are relevant to the enforcement of the legislation and environmental protection.”

Various places within the police regions around the country have already been located to help ease Police work. Enanga says the operations are to be conducted by crime intelligence officers’ and detectives.

Boda boda riders according to Police, before registration is done, they will be required to present their National Identification Cards (IDs), documents indicating their place of residence and moto bicycles particulars.

However, Enanga warns that no Boda boda cyclist is permitted to register in more than one place. He adds that so far the response to the registration process has been good.

“So far, 150,000 boda bodas have been registered and the response is good, but no boda boda should be registered in more than one area,” Enanga warned.

Enanga adds that Boda bodas are not restricted, they are free to move beyond the areas where they are registered from.

Electronic number plate registration is part of the 10-point strategy that the president directed police to institute last year to curb the high crime rate in the country that has seen many losing their dear lives to.

Uganda registration of Boda boda number plates
Electronic registration of Boda boda number plates kicks off countrywide

The wave of crimes particularly in the Kampala Metropolitan Area has taken lives of many Ugandans that includes; Joan Kagezi, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Muhamad Kirumira, Maj Muhammad Kiggundu and Col. Ibrahim Abiriga killed by Boda boda assailants’.

In the President’s view, Police will be able to identify and locate the motorcycle that was present at the crime scene. He adds that motorcyclists’ will be required to have Helmet bearing illuminated numbers both at the front and back

“We shall require every motorist and motorcyclist to have electronic number plates with an electronic signal in them – to be incurred at the cost of every owner. This will enable us to know which vehicle or piki (motorcycle) was in a particular area when a crime was committed,” President Museveni’s remarks during 2018, State of the Nations address.

Also, he said that;

“We need helmets with illuminated numbers at the front and the back. These helmets will be registered and put in the central processing systems of Police.”

A numbery of murders have been committed in the recent past by criminals using Boda bodas which has been the easiest way for them to meet their targets.

However, with the installation of CCTV Cameras almost in every corner particularly Kampala Metropolitan area and now the electronic number plates registration, it will be easy for Police to track which vehicle or Boda boda was used to commit the crime.