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I am celebrating 50 years, says media guru J Kazoora
Kazoora says he is 50 years old

Today in our latest Ugandan celebrity news, High Court through the Deputy Registrar in-charge of the Execution Division Mr. Nzeyimana Deo signed committal warrant sending Mr David J Kazoora a popular events MC and media personality which sent him to Civil prison and ordered UBA to pay a daily fee of shs 3000 to cater for his meals at Luzira prison for the 6 months he is meant to spend there.

Event MC J Kazoora sent to Luzira over failure to pay 54 million debt
Kazoora owes UBA 54 million

J Kazoora was arrested at Lugogo by pass by Bailiffs from Tuskem Associates who for a long time tried to arrest him for a full year but in vein when he failed to clear the debt he took form United Bank of Africa (2015) way back in 2015.

J Kazoora has been financially struggling ever since he took over the UBC Magic one job and rumor has it that he has been trying to clear his debts to avoid going to prison. This comes after another popular NBS TV presenter and Member of Parliament contestant Simon Muyanga Lutaaya of one on one with Tamale Mirundi was also arrested and detained over failure to pay money amounting to 154 million shillings to his opponent after his loss in the election petition.

It’s not yet clear whether J Kazoora will serve his sentence or will be bailed out by his friends and family members.

Keep your eyes open, Flash Uganda Media shall keep you posted.

By Paul Wetaase

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