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What It Feels Like Having Breakfast At Cafe Javas

Several questions have been asked about what is special with Cafe Javas breakfast since hundreds of people most especially corporate personnel who storm Cafe Javas branches every morning to get a cup of spiced tea.

Like the inscription on their morning t-shirts loudly explains ‘We’re big on breakfast’, Cafe Javas for years now has remained the one stop place for well spiced tea and breakfast buffet around Kampala.

What It Feels Like Having Breakfast At Cafe Javas
Breakfast at Café Javas

With different breakfast combos choices like country steak and eggs, grilled steak and eggs, fried chicken and waffles Benedict, grilled chicken and eggs among several other dishes at affordable and friendly prices.

Nutritionists and biologists suggest that breakfast is the most important meal and therefore it should be respected because it influences every aspect and actions of that day. It’s not all about having breakfast but a first and genuine health breakfast.

In May 2018, Cafe Javas a subsidiary under Mandela Group of Companies extended its wings to Nairobi, East Africa’s largest capital as a means to widen its market and customer base around Africa. Café Javas joined the already established seven outlets in Kampala along different busy roads and business around Kampala and Entebbe.

Ever since then, Kenya most especially on social media have recently come out praising the services and quality customer service and care at Nairobi Cafe Javas which has boosted the new baby business’ customer loyalty and better services.

What It Feels Like Having Breakfast At Cafe Javas
Café Javas  Nairobi

Reports from Nairobi indicates that the restaurant is currently very popular among the Kenyans since it is a good place to hold professional and corporate meetings, its ambiance and attractive décor also convinces hundreds to pass by Cafe Javas for a drink or lunch.

Café Javas is part of Omar Mandela’s Mandela Group of Companies which also takes control of other entities like City oil, City Tyres, City world, City Lubes, Savers and Mandela auto spares dealing most especially in car spare parts and accessories.

Cafe Javas is currently at 7 locations around Kampala, 1 in Entebbe and I branch at Koinange in Kenya.

Visit Café Javas website to view the menu and also see your near by restaurant.