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Fille Mutoni (born on 25 July 1991) is Ugandan based recording artist. File Photo

Fille Mutoni (born on 25 July 1991) is Ugandan based recording artist, songwriter, vocalist and a mother. 

Fille Mutoni (born on 25th July 1991), in Mulago Hospital to Mr Peter and Ms Odette Rwibasira of Rwandan origin. Mutoni attended quiet numbery of schools.

For her Primary School education, Mutoni attended Nakasero Primary School in Kampala then St Hellen in Mbarara.

Fille has worked with Radio and Weasel and Bruce Melody from Rwanda, among others. In March 2018, she had her first music concert at the Golf Course Hotel, which was a very successful one.

Early Life and Education

Fille Mutoni was born on 25 July 1991, in Mulago Hospital to Peter Rwibasira (father) and Ms Odette Rwibasira (mother) of Rwandan origin. Both her parents are of Rwandese ancestry.

She grew up in different homesteads mostly in Kampala, but she says once, in a while, her mother could take them to Rwanda.

Born to a family of three girls, Mutoni says they were raised by their mother as a single parent, who loved them a lot.  

Mutoni attended quiet numbery of schools. For her Primary School education, Mutoni attended Nakasero Primary School in Kampala then St Hellen in Mbarara.

After her primary, Fille Mutoni joined Lubiri Secondary School, from Lubiri she went to Standard High School Zana and then St Mark.

After secondary school in 2009, Mutoni was admitted to St. Lawrence University (SLAU) Kampala Campus to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. However, she did not finish up her degree course after Mutoni started active music and all her concentration was drawn to singing.

In her high school days, Mutoni narrates that she was teased because of her weight, something that drew her close to God to divert student’s attention.

Mutoni as well says she was very shy but naughty at school. And venturing into music was because she loved singing and writing ever since her childhood.


Mutoni began singing at university, in her second year of study, at St Lawrence University with MC Kats her Ex-boyfriend’s support.

Fille ex girlfriend MC Kats
Fille and MC Kats met at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Church

Fille and MC Kats met at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Church, Lubaga Miracle Centre Church. Fille was a church girl and singing in Miracle teens while MC Kats did other church activities.  

She narrates that Kats at that time told her I see u can sing, and we can do something good together. the two became friends, Fille went to a recording studio and did a song, shortly she began hearing it airing on radios. 

This first song is titled “Not About Money” that’s the song Fille began within 2013 and from there she never turned back, doing secular music managed by MC Kats who later turned to be her boyfriend. 

Fille composes her songs but most times some people like Andy Music help her out on this. He produced her first Album. 

She had her first music concert in March 2018 at Golf Course Hotel which was very successful. She went on a Europe tour for her “Alter Ego” album launch and paid a visit to Paris, Sweden, German, Denmark and Netherlands.

Fille got further success after she released songs targeting the local masses like “akatijjo and jaribu”.


  • Not About Money
  • Mudala
  • Sabula
  • Ntwale Ani
  • Obasinga
  • Bwolida
  • Bye Bye Ex
  • Gwe Asinga
  • Cherry Boo
  • Kyewankola
  • Wekole Byona
  • Better Ting
  • I Need You
  • Run Di Town
  • Ninze Gwe
  • Kyakwatayo
  • Fly Away
  • Hello
  • Husband
  • Sipiyo
  • No Retreat
  • Nina Gyengenda
  • You Are So Nice
  • Get Up and Work
  • Love Again among other songs


  • Squeeze ft Kent and Flosso 
  • She also featured on Allan Toniks’s romantic hit “falling”. 
  • Wekole Byona ft Brian Weiyz.
  • Hello ft Bruce Melody, a Rwandan Singer.


Fille was engaged in 2015 Buzz Teeniez Awards, but she never worn.


Fille Mutoni is now Ex-girlfriend to Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats who happens to be her manager. The two separated in January 2019 over infidelity issues. The break up resulted in Fille losing access to her social media accounts to MC Kats who changed the page names to “katsmusicug”.

Out of their relationship, the two have a daughter. 

A few years ago, Kats proposed to Fille shortly after she gave birth and promised to wed her officially.

MC Kats girlfriend Fille Mutoni
Fille Mutoni is now Ex-girlfriend to MC Kats

However, after some time the two had some misunderstandings and Kats decided to block Fille from accessing her Social Media accounts including posting pictures of him having bruises alleging that they were inflicted on him by baby mama Fille. Tarnishing Fille’s name and framing her to be a cruel and violent woman.

But Fille denied all the allegations saying she did not beat up Kats. She’s a decent woman who cannot fight with a man or anyone else.

And this forced Fille to counsel out her music concert which was to take place at that time, organised by MC Kats who happens to be her manager because of the misunderstandings that arose.

Speaking about relationships, Singer Fille Mutoni says she is not much after the ‘money’ as most girls of her age are while entering a relationship, all she needs is someone genuine and honest.

Health Status

After MC Kats, Fille’s Ex-boyfriend announced publically that he’s HIV Positive, what went around the minds of their fans was that Fille too is positive, given the fact that the two lived together as a man and a woman and together they have a child.

Even though MC Kats clearly said he’s the only one infected with the virus, but his children and baby mamas are safe from the virus.

In this case, to clear the air, Fille came out and announced that she’s not infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.  

Speaking about her health status Fille said that she’s not afraid of what people say because she knows herself better than anyone and likewise Kats.

“So, anyone who wakes up and says such things confuses me, I just pray for that person to get out of lies. It’s my life, one thing you need to know is that I am a mother, I keep myself safe.” 

Fille said that she has a child with Kats and they will continue working and communicating.

“I have a child with Kats and there is that constant communication. Even if we are not together it doesn’t stop me from talking to him and seeking advice from him.”

However, Fille said that she and her baby Dad Kats are in good terms and vowed to take good care of MC Kats, be there for him because he’s the father of her daughter and a friend. MC Kats as well promised to continue promoting Fille’s music. 

“I am going to support Kats all through. He is my friend and I want to thank Ugandans for giving him reception when he spoke out on his health. I am going to be by his side in everything.” 

Fille said that she has a child with Kats and for that reason, she will continue working and communicating with him.

“I have a child with Kats and there is that constant communication. Even if we are not together it doesn’t stop me from talking to him and seeking advice from him.”

After a long separation with her boyfriend, MC Kats in one of the events he was officiating, officially announced that he was back with his baby maama songstress Fille Mutoni and promised that he will stop at nothing to ensure she stages big concerts at Serena come 2020, among other things.

Before the announcement, MC Kats asked the DJ to stop the music so he could make a big announcement.

However, Kats was non-committal on whether they are back as a couple too or just as Kats music and Fille music working together for mutual benefits.

After some time, the two confirmed that the reunion was music and look after the child they share.   

Fille is a drug addict

Life of Fille Mutoni is currently in danger and she’s expected to join rehab centre following excessive cocaine intake. 

Am Perfectly Fine; Fille Rubishes Drug Addiction Claims
Fille Mutoni began taking marijuana after she released a reggae song titled “I Need You”.

Fille Mutoni began taking marijuana after she released a reggae song titled “I Need You”. With this song, Fille met different kinds of people including the late musician, AK47 Mayanja, brother to singer Chameleone.

During that time AK47 was a powerful musician and he had a group of youth he moved with including Yanga Mulo who happens to be his supplier in this business. They could stage in one of the recording studios in Kitintale that’s when Fille began taking marijuana.

From there Fille joined Vampino group, they were going to record a song (remix) and he started teaching Fille how to take marijuana.

In this group, Fille met with a girl named Pretty Glo. Vampino taught her how to take marijuana slowly by slowly until she got it, in the long run, Fille became a champion in marijuana taking, from there she joined Radio and Weasel of Goodlyfe.

We all know that the late Mowzey Radio was a drug addict, and at the same time a drug dealer. He was a drug addict and for you to become his friend, you must fall in the same calibre.

In 2014, Radio and Fille became close friends. Here the outcomes were not good, Fille began calling Radio regularly wanting marijuana. Radio taught Fille how to take marijuana, how to grow it, marijuana purchase centres and other related things.

In 2016/17, Fille reunited with Pretty Glo, where she met with other drug addicts from Andy Music and others, and they began taking marijuana altogether. However, Fille was doing this in secret, because Kats never liked the whole thing of her taking marijuana.

At that time Fille was fine, she could take as much marijuana as she could, without any difficulty.

However, in late 2017, Fille met with Azizi who is mixed blood, people say he’s a Somalian Others Eritrean and some Ethiopian. No one knew his true identity.

Azizi told Fille that smoked marijuana is dangerous, it will affect her lungs. Then Fille asked him to teach her another type of marijuana.

And this was Cocaine, Azizi taught Fille how to take cocaine until she became addicted to the drug. 

It’s reported that Fille at a moment is shivering, she isn’t well at all. She cannot stay without wearing jackets. She needs prayers.

Reports coming out shows that Fille has once been to a rehab centre in Rwanda following excessive cocaine consumption which complicated her life, and now she may end up to a rehab centre once again…