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Nkumba University students and entire Nkumba university fraternity woke up on sad news of the death
of a 23 year old year Ivan Ngobi who is accused to burn himself to death for yet unknown reasons.
Ngobi a third year student who was set to graduate soon was found dead by his neighbours who
revealed that they heard the deceased making unusual noise and weird sounds at night were unable to
know the source of the problem although many people claim that it might be related to love issues.
On Sunday morning his body was found in his room and was later taken to Mulago hospital for further
investigations. According to OC Mpala police station Sekitoleko Joseph revealed that there was a chance
for Ngobi’s neighbors to save his life if they had tried to save him as soon as they heard him screaming.
Many of his social media friends have mourned him referring to him as a handsome down to earth
fellow and have also known as a popular socialite on social media and organizer of Blue parties.
Suicide among University students are on a high increase and most especially in girls and most related to
love issues and money loss.