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Tycoon Bryan White promises to give aid to Arua people
Bryan White says his foundation will help the youths find jobs

Early last week in Uganda celebrity news, tycoon and money bags Brian Kirumira established rules meant to govern artistes and comedians who are working with The Bryan White Foundation popularly known as the “Podium” which left several of them off the rich podium. Among these rules demanded all artistes who were willing to be part of the team to present their academic documents and CVs and also to abandon their private works and concentrate on the work of the podium. These were also required to always put on IDs and uniforms of the foundations.

Fired celebrities from the Podium start war against Bryan White
DJ Michael is the only artiste left with Bryan White

Several Ugandan celebrities like Pallaso, Chamelone, Bigeye, Madrat and Chicko left the podium and only left it for Bryan White tight buddy Deejay Micheal of the Muko hit song. The latest news reaching Flash Uganda Media indicates that the forgotten artistes have turned against their former boss. These are led by the popular comedy duo Madrat and Chiko who claim that White misuses his wealth to undermine people who are even more popular than him.

While appearing on Spark TV’s koona show, Madrat and chiko came out and attacked Bryan white as a person who disrespects Ugandan celebrities because he has money.

He once gave me dollars and asked me whether I have ever touched any dollar in my life. The statements made me look like a dummy” said Madrat

Fired celebrities from the Podium start war against Bryan White
Madrat and Chiko have come out to complain

The duo also added that they are not beggars but a big brand that deserves respect from any person whether rich or broke. He is using our name and he is not giving us free money.

Chiko further added that,

“Having money is not bad, but respect to others is the best, someone calls you as if you are a kid yet you are so popular than him”

Several of these celebrities had abandoned their careers and spent all their time at Bryan White’s home in Munyonyo.

We shall keep you posted.