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Former Lands Minister Omara Atubo Accuses MPS Over Excessive Debts

Daniel Omara Atubo the former Lands Minister has accused parliamentary leadership of failing to guide legislature and allowing them hold continuous proceedings at parliament concentrating majorly on loan approvals.

Omara Atubo says that parliament is becoming a debt trap for Ugandan’s because most of the borrowed funds meant to finance various development projects, are individually consumed. He now wants parliament questioned on the matter.

In Atubo’s view, authorities at the August House has done less in guiding legislature. Instead they have made way for them to serve interests of few individuals in this country Uganda.

“I have known Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament for many years, I even worked with her in the law firm. I know Oulanyah very well, you know I have respect for all of them. But I think they would have done better.”

Atubo continued to state that there are certain things which are clear that parliament shouldn’t have done.

“Even if it means resigning, they are not so desperate that they cannot survive on their own. Because there are certain things you should guide parliament on, when the age limit was being removed, Oulanyah was the chairman of the Legal Parliamentary Committee, and he failed to guide the committee, he failed to guide parliament, he has been very proud to say that you know I am behind the removal of the presidential age limit. I think that’s a big mess in his political future, and history will not write favourably in his favour.”

“He only goes in public and says you know I see Museveni as Jesus who has been sent to save Uganda and so on. You have exceeded the limit of objectivity and common sense. And therefore you have totally surrendered even your intelligence,” Atubo added.

Many times Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and her Deputy Jacob Oulanyah, led parliament and seconded loan acquisition that has contributed to the continuous public debts leading to government constant borrowing.

Omara however, criticised parliament Appointment Committee for failing to do cheques and balances for parliament, on appointed government officials on budgets.

“The cheques and balance which should be coming from parliament is not there, look at the appointments which they sometimes approve, without mentioning names.”

He adds that the current loan request for Lubowa Specialised Hospital and Uganda Airlines has question marks and clearly exposes parliament.

“First of all, look at the cost, then secondly you look at other alternatives in Uganda at a moment. Mulago has been rehabilitated or is still being rehabilitated at great cost.”

Atubo now wants parliament revise its policies to enhance accountability in committees quarterly at the Auditor General’s report.

2018 financial year that ended June, according to the Auditor General report, indicated a rise in Uganda public debt to shilling 41.5 trillion (33.9%).