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Frank Baine

Who is Frank Baine? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, tribe, relationship with Makerere University, NUP Supporters, Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson, early life and education of the current Commissioner of Prisons in charge of Corporate Affairs in Uganda.

Frank Baine is a Prison Officer, farmer and a teacher by profession.

He is the current Commissioner of Prisons in charge of Corporate Affairs and at the same time serves as the Uganda Prison Service’s (UPS) spokesperson.

He has also been the Public Relations Officer of UPS since January 2008.

Early life and Education

Frank Baine’s childhood dream was to serve as a priest. 

Unfortunately, the church was unable to accept him into the programme because of his polygamous family background. 

He instead made the decision to pursue legal studies. This dream also came to an end when he was unable to enrol in the university because of his low A-level scores.

After enrolling in a teaching programme at Kayabwe’s Nkozi National Teachers College, he transferred to Makerere University where he struggled to support himself by working several teaching jobs around Kampala.

Frank Baine currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Management. He also holds a Post graduate diploma in public administration as well as in Education.

Frank associates his best childhood memory with his unstoppable love for grazing cows in the bush where he learnt several lessons.

Career and Professional Work Experience

achievements frank baine biography
Baine, the Uganda Prison Service’s (UPS) spokesperson.

Frank Baine taught in six schools in the Kampala area while pursuing his education degree at Makerere University so as to support himself and his siblings while at school. He is a certified teacher with seven years of teaching experience. 

He submitted an application for a position in the public sector in 1995. After training as a cadet prison officer for one and a half years, he later joined the prison system and began his career in the public service. 

He began as a Cadet Assistant Superintendent and has progressed up the ranks over the years. On June 26th 2020, Frank Baine was appointed Commissioner of Prisons in charge of Corporate Affairs

He replaced Mr. Wilson Francis Magomu who was assigned to head Security and Services. He handed over custodial services to Mr. Apollo Baker Asinjah to serve in an acting capacity.

Achievements and Awards

With fourteen solid years of consistent service in Prisons as the Public Relations Officer, Frank Baine has been recognized as the longest-serving Officer in that position in Government.

Baine was promoted to Commissioner of Prisons in 2020 after 25 years of service. He attributes earning his position to being extroverted and an excellent noise maker.


In an accusation against Prison authorities by NUP Supporters in June 2021 where they claimed they were treated inhumanely and in a degrading manner during their detention in Kitalya Government Prison.

Frank Baine as the spokesperson for UPS responded in defence that it was part of the mandatory procedure for admission of inmates to prevent smuggling of unauthorized substances into prison cells. 

He claimed some of the accusations were simple attempts by NUP politicians to gain cheap popularity. He warned the politicians and told them not to expect preferential treatment in Ugandan prisons. 

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