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Social and political critic and Ssisimuka Uganda today was granted bail with his
brother Innocent Kasumba who were arrested several days over fraud, possessing
more than one passport and also dealing in drugs.
After his release the city businessman came out and narrated the ways and
circumstances under which treated were inhumane for both of them the seven days
they have jailed. On Monday afternoon Frank Gashumba Malimungu together with
Innocent Kasumba a city business man plus a tour and travel agent Ismail Kiyingi
were presented at Buganda road magistrates’ court and charged with forgery,
unlawful possession of drugs and impersonation.
According to Gashumba’s lawyers led by city lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde, they told
court and judge James Mawanda Eremye that his client was treated in an inhumane
manner during his arrest and detention.
“The accused were abducted from their respective homes and arrested in an
unconstitutional manner before being detained for over 10 days” Ssemakadde
addressed the court.
According to Ssemakadde, they told court that the accused were taken to different
ungazzated detention centres and this contradicts with the report that was released
by UPDF that Gashumba and the other accused were only taken to Mbuya for
interrogation and then returned to Kireka a police detention centre. Today the trio
was given a bail of 20 million and adjourned the case to 20 th November 2017.
Upto now when we are publishing this story the free Gashumba has not come out
on his social media account to tell his followers and the country why he was
arrested, how was life in jail and what is next move. The silence on Gashumba
facebook page has brought mixed reactions in his followers where some believe
that the motor mouthed critic was over tortured whereas others claim that he is
planning something very HUGE for those who support and believe in him.
We will keep you posted.