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Shoprite Uganda christmas
Get more for less with Shoprite Uganda Christmas Deals, offer ends on 25th December. File Photo

Shoprite Uganda Christmas promotion valid until 25 December 2019, comes with lots of goodies

Are you having sleepless nights, thinking about how you are going to raise money for your family’s Christmas shopping? Well, Shoprite Uganda has got you covered with yet another promotion to help you put off your stress.

The Shoprite Uganda Christmas promotion valid until 25 December 2019, comes with lots of goodies.

To customers, this can be a chance to show off your festive feasts with amazing items, including kitchenware in both sets and singles, Manual Microwave Ovens and Platinum Digital Microwave Ovens with Mirror Finish and a variety of children’s toys.

Together with a lot more commodities, customers can hurry up and get access to any Shoprite branch to be in a position to scoop a taste of the best essentials at the lowest prices during this Christmas Promotion.

Meanwhile, Shoprite Uganda also has another offer onboard that can enable one to win free shopping.

Shoprite WIN with Lucky Santa
Shoprite Uganda WIN with Lucky Santa

Under the ‘‘WIN with Lucky Santa’’, Shoprite is giving customers a chance to get all their shopping ‘FOR FREE’ this Christmas in case they buy any three or more participating products. Through this, a customer is tasked to check their till slips to find out if they are instant winners.

Since opening their first store in Uganda in 2000, Shoprite currently has five branches in addition to supporting other local industries in ensuring that a big percentage of their stock is sourced and produced in the country (Uganda).

Being Africa’s largest food retailer, Shoprite has made a name for itself over years with its massive trading deals that offer a chance to the world-class shopping experience on a variety of food products, household goods and small appliances at lowest possible prices ever.

With Shoprite, customers always get exactly what they need in one stop. From fresh bread or baked treats, in-house butchery or wine from 10 of the world’s best wine-producing countries (hyperlink) to other goodies including all the best household items.

Besides, the basic services, customers can also acquire financial services from any Shoprite branch any day, from buying airtime and plane tickets to paying bills and doing safe and convenient money transfers.

By John Dalton Kigozi