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Government assures on provision of electricity at sub county level

In a consultative meeting held at Entebbe, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Irene Muloni together with members of the Natural Resource Committee of Parliament said that, government is to set up new power sub-stations to enable access to reliable and affordable electricity in selected sub counties all over the country.

Muloni assured that this will curb the problem of power shortage and directly improve power supply and hence improved standard of living and other economic activities.

“Without access to reliable and affordable electricity most villages will remain deprived but as the demand for electricity grows government is now committed to extending affordable power to sub counties across the country by the year 2030 to ensure sustainable economic development”, Muloni noted.

While in the meeting, they stated that, moves to reduce power tariffs from 11.7 to at least 8.3US cents for industrialists are underway, as government holds on consultative meetings with Bujagali hydro-electric power management.

“For the manufacturers during those peaks, there are now extra large (big ones) are consuming electricity at 5 % per unit during those peaks”, she said.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer for Uganda regulatory Authority  Ziria Tibalwa Waako says that, creating awareness on how to use the first 15 units among people is difficult, observing that each one unit cost 250 Shillings.

“We have a social tariff for the poorest of the poor, the first 15 units every month they go for 250 Shillings per unit. Remember you and me we are almost paying 700”, Waako stated.

Also said anyone whoever will go against the law after its placement will be prosecuted.

“This law one of the areas (clauses) we are amending is to ensure that we criminalize the act of tampering with electricity infrastructures”, Waako explaining.

However, chairperson of parliamentary committee on the natural resources Kefa Kiwanuka observed that, $200m has been obtained by government for electricity distribution in the selected sub- counties.

“But there is also an element of putting pressure on UMEME or asking UMEME what is it that there are doing in terms of getting money to invest in the distribution”, Kiwanuka stated.

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