Govt injects Shs7bn to boost Tourism at Bishop Hannington Memorial site
Govt injects Shs7bn to boost Tourism at Bishop Hannington Memorial site. Photo/New Vision

As Uganda move forward to promote and market it’s tourism sites, the government has offered Shs7 Billion to upgrade Bishop Hannington memorial site.

While commissioning the project on Tuesday 25 June 2019, State Minister for Transport, Aggrey Henry Bagiire revealed that Eleven Kilometre of the road from Bufulubi – Kyando – Buyemba are to be tarmacked under Low-Cost Sealing Project to boost tourism at Bishop Hannington memorial site.

“We have contracted CME Enterprise Ltd to construct the road within six months. We hope, when it is finished, it will boost tourism in the area. Church of Uganda has chosen this place as a holy place and every October 29, we shall be here because it was declared a public holiday,” Minister Bagiire said.

Omar Bongo LC5 chairperson Mayuge District said that Bishop Hannington grounds has contributed a lot toward developments in their District.

“Mayuge is not the way it used to be, the government gave us a public holiday, we are getting a tarmacked road, electricity pipes are being installed, we have piped water and a four-star hotel that is under construction, this has helped to develop the area,” said Bongo.

Rt Rev Paul Naimanyhe, Bishop Busoga Diocese offered a piece of advice to people of Mayuge to effectively and wisely use this opportunity to make money.

He said the site after its completion will be attracting many people and this means business.

“This road will bring money in the Mayuge, prepare for this day, I will also buy a plot of land as a bishop so that I can make a business here so that I can earn from the pilgrims,” Rev Naimanyhe said.

Ms Julie Zabwe Mukoda, Woman legislator Mayuge District also informed Mayuge residents to start planning income generating projects that will earn them added income from the tourist who will be coming to visit the site.

“You start putting businesses on the main roads such as those in Namawojjolo and Najjembe so that you can stop lamenting about poverty. This place every year and the number is likely to multiply because of the beautification that is ongoing,” Mukoda said.

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament is already in business that side after establishing Century Hannington Resort Cottages where tourists currently spend a night.

Bishop James Hannington was the first Anglican Bishop in East Africa. He was later assassinated together with his 48 assistants in Mayuge District Bukatube Sub-County at Kyando Village.

He was the first Martyr on 29 October 1885 along with his 48 Anglican assistants.

Bishop Hannington Memorial Site is considered to be the first and largest Martyrdom sites in the country.