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Here are the best places to hangout in Kira town. With so many people in town, there must be many places to hang out.

Are there hangout places in Kira town? Yes, Kira has quite a few popular hangout places in Kampala. The second most densely populated town in Uganda is Kira, a municipality in the Wakiso District of the Central Region. 

With all these people, you can only expect to find many hangout places in Kira. The best places to hang out in Kira town are listed below.

Premier Pork Joint Namugongo

Premier Pork Joint Namugongo

Premier Pork Joint Namugongo is located on Namugongo road, Kampala. It’s the one-stop joint for all your pork cravings and one of the most popular places to hang out in Kira. The pork is served with tomato salad, matooke fingers, and cassava, all at affordable rates.

It offers a place to seat inside and outside. They have a well-stocked bar with all wines, spirits, and beers as well as soft drinks.

They operate Monday to Friday although weekends are the most packed. Parking space is available just outside the pork joint.

Max Breeze Lounge

Max Breeze Lounge Kira

On Namugongo road, Kira town is where to find Max Breeze Lounge. It’s a good place to explore and relax with friends. Every Tuesday there’s a piece of live band music that plays and sometimes they play jazz music.

Their waiters and waitresses are friendly and will offer assistance where it’s needed.

The bar, restaurant, and lounge offer drinks and food to guests. Every Friday, their large pizza goes for only UGX 20,000.

They also offer outside catering to anyone who requires their services.

Isabella Lounge

isabella lounge ntinda

You can find Isabella Lounge on Old Kira Rd, Kampala. It’s a brand-new bar, with a sauna, restaurant, and enough parking space. It’s very close to Ntinda, another place in Kampala with good hangout spots. 

The area is safe, great for group outings in this part of town, and it also draws a hip clientele. It offers high stools to utilize across the bar counter in addition to comfortable chairs. 

They have delicious smoothies, juices, and whole fish with french fries on the side. On special days there’s a silent disco, live band and kizomba dance on Tuesday. The waiters and servers are polite and friendly.



Kahwa2Go is a casual dining restaurant located in Ntinda. It’s the best place for foodies. If you love good food in a good setting, Kahwa2Go is your place to be.

They serve breakfast, dinner, and lunch. The prices of meals are also quite affordable, seeing as a cup of milk goes for UGX 5,000 only and it’s served with free cookies on the side.

The restaurant serves American, Indian, African, Mediterranean, and contemporary dishes most of which cost about UGX 35,000 per plate. It’s a good place to hang out for groups.

Cayenne Restaurant And Lounge

Cayenne Restaurant And Lounge

Cayenne Restaurant is a nice dining establishment and a bar. It’s one of Kampala’s most renowned nightlife experiences.

The atmosphere is superb and various celebrities frequently stop by. While here, you won’t feel like returning home because of the excellent service and the presence of people happy people. This is more so when they host live bands. 

 It’s a location good for Italian meals and drinks that are affordable. We recommend that you try their brochettes and French fries, fried tilapia, and pizza. They also do takeout and deliveries around Kira and the surrounding areas.

The Gardens, Najjera

The Gardens Najjera

The Gardens Najjera is a great place to be with a bar, restaurant, car wash, and kids’ play area. They serve delectable dishes and fantastic beverages in the bar section. 

There’s a silent disco and theme nights on some days of the week. The setting is relaxed, cosy, and safe, especially for people with children. Cash only is also accepted. Parking is also enough and secure.

The location is good for a weekend out with the children. At this place, you don’t need to spend so much because their prices for everything are fairly charged.

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

A forest park called Nyungu Yamawe is situated in Kira near the Kitukutwe Trading Center off Bulindo Road. It is a great place to stay and unquestionably one that should be visited again due to its historically conventional style of construction and classic interior furnishings.

Nyungu Yamawe boasts a traditional African setup and has 17 cottages and an infinite camping area built to satisfy a variety of client needs.

The park has both public and private areas used for events, bird and monkey watching, bike riding, yoga, team building, meetings, and camping.

Their Bar & Café offers a wide variety of cosmopolitan meals, exclusively from local and international cuisine, in a traditional setting.

La Venti Lounge And Kitchen

best hangout places around Kira town

La Venti Lounge And Kitchen is both a hangout and accommodation establishment. You may stay here or simply come to the party and have a good time especially if you’re looking to socialize. 

The staff are attentive, cordial, and helpful. The hotel is lively, has great food options, and offers entertainment. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll have any problems hanging out here. The Laventi Hotel’s staff are its best feature. They will make sure your needs are fulfilled promptly and are always willing to assist.

The entire place is safe, both for guests of the hotel and those partying in the lounge area.

Century Cinemax – Metroplex Naalya

Century Cinemax Naalya

The biggest screen in the nation may be found at Century Cinemax in Kampala’s Metroplex Mall. Dolby Sound is included in this cutting-edge multiplex that shows the newest films.

The cinema is located inside Metroplex Shopping Centre Naalya. 

You can head over there on any day of the week to catch some of the latest movies screening. Next to the cinema are restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets where you can grab a drink or eat food. 

This cinema also screens movies at a discount on most working days. A movie goes for as little as UGX 10,000. Weekends are however slightly pricey though it’s worth the money.


That’s our list of the best hangout places around Kira town in Wakiso District. Some of them are restaurants, bars, and hotels and others are gardens where you can relax outside and take in the cool wind in the evening. 

You can visit most of these places at any time of the day apart from the bars which are mostly open in the evening. We hope you’re satisfied with our list of the coolest places to hang out around Kira