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Following the release of nominees for the 6th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards, voting has been opened starting with social media voting and will close on the gala event day March 17th, 2018.

Social Media Voting

Voting is open effectively from 22 December 2017 for the different social media channel namely (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp) and SMS. Valid votes will have to use to right project and category #Hashtags

Online Website Voting

Online website voting will be open effective Jan 5th, fans and supporters will be able to vote for their best songs/videos/artists on the awards website  starting January 5th 2018


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Music Assembly Voting

While all nominees are winners and are celebrated, the gala event final winner is one that accumulates the highest number of votes as per the voting criteria which will this year round be strengthened with the Music Assembly that is a composition of select previous winners and nominees of #HiPipoMusicAwards and select media personalities among others. The Music Assembly will have a vote that will contribute 30 per cent to 7 categories among which will be Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Video of the Year while the rest of the categories as always will be fully decided by the fans vote.

Music Assembly Vote: 30%,  Public Vote: 70%

Weight Channels How to Vote
70% Website Vote at Awards Website
10% Whatsapp & SMS Add the phone number “+256-778-087194” to your contacts and send the string “#HiPipoMusicAwards #Category #NomineeName”
20% Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Make a post using the following string:
“#HiPipoMusicAwards #Category #NomineeName”