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Detailed information about World Remit, such as how to send and receive money to Uganda, and its charges, is provided in this article.

One of the best ways to send and receive money internationally is through World Remit. Through World Remit, you can make international online money transfers simply and securely. 

You choose a method best preferred by you to send the money and you’re also able to keep track of it.

All the important information about World Remit like how to send and receive money to Uganda, plus charges have been explained in this article.

World Remit Cash pick-up in Uganda

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When someone sends you money through World Remit to Uganda, there are places that you can pick your money from and they include; any branches of Shumuk Forex Bureau, La-Cedri Bureau de Change, City Forex Bureau, Finca, Pride Microfinance, Diamond Trust Bank Guild Frank Forex Bureau, DFCU Bank, and Finance Trust Bank. All monies are available in UGX (Uganda shillings) only.

Once the money is sent to you, it’s usually available within a few minutes. To meet World Remit’s regulatory obligations, they might need more information from you before they can perform the transfer. If that’s the case, they’ll contact you.

Amount of money you can send for cash pickups in Uganda

The network determines the maximum quantity (per transfer) you are permitted to send. For more information, please see below:

  • MoneyWorld – UGX 10,000,000 for each transfer.
  • Finance Trust Bank – UGX 32,000,000 each transfer.
  • DFCU – UGX 18,000,000 for each transfer.
  • Unimoni – UGX 37,750,000 for each transfer.
  • La-Cedri Bureau de Change – UGX 20,000,000 for each transfer.
  • City Forex Bureau – UGX 22,000,000 for each transfer.
  • Finca – UGX 25,000,000 each transfer.

For other branches like Shumuk Forex Bureau, Pride Microfinance, Guild Frank Forex Bureau, and Diamond Trust Bank, there is no set limit. To complete larger transfers, you may be asked for more details.

Depending on the nation from which you are transferring and the payment type used to fund the transfer, there can be lower limits.

Details requirements from the sender when transferring money pickups to Uganda

  • You must provide your full name.

This name has to match your valid, government-issued photo ID for you to successfully collect your money

  • Address to be used

The recipient must provide an address preferably the city they’re currently staying in.

  • Working mobile number/Phone number

This is how they notify the recipient of the funds by SMS with the transfer reference number they will need to collect the money. When their monies are prepared for collection, you will be notified as well.

  • Reason for sending the money

The sender must indicate why they are sending the money. For example is it to pay for hospital bills, pay school fees, purchase a new car, pay rent, or deposit on a new property? That information is required.

Please make sure that all of your recipient’s information is accurate. It is challenging to change or stop a transfer once it has been made.

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Details required from the receiver when they go to receive their money

  • A valid National ID

Any one of the following can apply here: Passport, national ID card, driver’s license, foreign passport with a valid visa, or refugee card issued by the Republic of Uganda

  • Quote “WorldRemit” and the transfer reference number, which is 8 digits.

When the funds are ready to be collected, the sender and recipient will both receive an email and an SMS with the transfer reference number. When collecting the money, kindly remember to quote “World Remit and the reference number.

Send money online through the world Remit mobile app.

There’s no need to worry because the app’s security features ensure that your money is protected and all your important information.

How the World Remit mobile app works;

  • First, you visit Google Play Store and download the World Remit app.
  • Next, you must create an account where your information will be verified. Remember to have a valid National ID in this process.
  • Your account will be ready as soon as you pass the security checks! Make the transfer, send the money, and then follow it until it reaches the intended recipient.


World Remit allows you to send money internationally online in simple and easy steps as we’ve shared. The best way is to download the app and go through the requirements to send money across the world. 

Customers can send money to Uganda, India, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Morocco among many other countries within minutes. 

Ensure to crosscheck and confirm all the details before sending money because once it’s done, it may be difficult to reverse. Otherwise, World Remit is a trustworthy payment-sending service that’s been around for some time.