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One of the reasons for itchy breasts is menopause, which is a condition in which normal production of estrogen stops which causes a lot of major changes in the body one of which is itching in our breasts. When these changes in our hormones occur it creates a lot of changes in our skin as well. Like it becomes very sensitive and dry. There are a lot of reasons why this hormonal change happens in our bodies.

Causes of itchy breast

Some of the major causes of menopause and breast itching are:

  • During the phases of menopause, there happens a major change in the tissues of the breast which could create itching.
  • If we take some specific kind of medicine like hormone replacement therapy itching could happen there.
  • Itching could also happen due to certain conditioning of our skin as due to dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • If you are allergic to something and got in touch with that it could create itching in or under the breast.
  • Yeast infections or bacterial infections also creates itching between the breast.


Symptoms of breast itching menopause are variable from person to person but there are few commonly observed in most people. That creates the sensation of discomfort, intense and scratching of the area. Some of the major symptoms of breast itching are mentioned:

  • Rashes or redness in the skin of the breast
  • Swelling in breast tissues
  • Peeling or flaking of skin
  • Discharging in nipples
  • Lumps formation in breast tissues
  • Some kind of changes in the tissues of the breast
  • The sensation of burning or stinging

If you are feeling any one of these then it is critical and ensures to consult for treatment on the spot.

Types of Itchy Breasts during menopause 

There are a lot of categories of breast itching during the phase of menopause some of the majors are:

  • Hormonal itching in which there happen some specific changes in hormones like the level of estrogen production declines rapidly.
  • One another is allergic itching which happens if you are allergic to some particular thing and you got in touch with that.
  • Itching due to some particular skin conditions.
  • Itching due to some bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Itching due to inflammation or due to cancer in the breast.

Home remedies to treat Itchy Breast

These are a few home remedies that could be used to treat breast itching. As these are few natural processes for treatment effects could be slow but long-lasting. Some of these are:


Moisturization is best for the treatment of skin itching because it gives skin proper hydration in the content in which it is needed. As we know during the phase of menopause skin becomes very dry and hard, there all of this can be treated with adequate hydration. The selection of moisturizer is also a matter to be considered, always try to choose such type of moisturizer that is free from irritants and smooth. You can use one that is formed with all-natural ingredients and designed for sensitive skin.

Oatmeal bath 

Oatmeal bath is considered one of the best home remedies to treat breast itching. It contains all the ingredients which are anti-inflammatory that work to remove all kinds of swelling and irritation. It is a process and some of these steps should be ensured to follow during menopause for breast itching.

  • In a blender or food processor put some oatmeal and grind them well until they are in the form of fine powder.
  • In a tub add water of some warm texture and add the oatmeal powder in it.
  • Soak yourself in that water for 10 to 20 minutes and make sure your breast should be submerged in that.
  • Rinse yourself with warm water and dry.

After repeating this process in few times you will see an observable change in your breast conditioning.

Using a cool compress 

Using of cool compress is one of the best and most effective home remedies for the treatment of any kind of allergic reaction and breast itching. As it is anti-inflammatory it gives feelings of cooling and vanishes itching at the spot. Here some are of the guidelines for its use:

  • Take an ice pack and wrap it in a towel soaked in cold water.
  • Squeeze this cool compress on the breast for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the process until you feel comfortable and get relief from itching.

Treatments for itchy breast menopause 

Besides home remedies, there are some treatments as well which could be used to treat any kind of intense or shallow itching of the breast. Some of the commonly used ones are mentioned:

Steroid creams 

Steroid creams are topical corticosteroids that are one of the proven formulae to treat any kind of itching or skin problem. It is also a matter of concern that it could be used only with the prescription of a health care provider because overuse of it creates thinking or discoloring of your skin. It is designed according to some specific formula by which it gives cold feelings immediately and all types of itching could be avoided.

Anesthetic creams 

Anesthetic creams are renowned as topical anesthetics. It is designed according to some specific chemical formula so that you could get relief from skin irritation and itching by numbing it on it the spot. The major role that makes it highly effective and elevating is that it stops the transmission of nerve signals to eradicate irritation.

Hormone replacement therapy 

No doubt itching could also happen due to some major changes in hormones and if we go through some hormone replacement therapy all the hormones would be balanced and itching could be resolved by the natural process. There are a lot of hormones that could be used for the process according to a person’s specific.


If you are suffering from any kind of breast problem like some type of menopause itching or irritation, then all the information available is here. From symptoms to causes and treatments. Moreover, it could be treated by using some home remedies or medical creams that could opt on your choice by specific medical conditioning.