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Who is Jennifer Full Figure?

Who is Full FigureFlash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, Age, music, and family of Jennifer Namutebi Nakangubi.

Jennifer Full figure is a Ugandan singer who is well known for her hit single called Mukyale that rocked the Uganda music industry in the early 2000s but later teamed up with Pallaso and released its RMX version. 

She is well known for her controversial stories and vulgar language characterized by obscene words she uses when describing certain analogies. 

The motor-mouthed singer is currently the mobiliser of the ruling party NRM in the central region but before she was a staunch supporter and a close friend of Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine. 

Apart from that, she is also an entrepreneur, farmer and business lady in Kampala Uganda.

Early life and education 

Full figure birth name Jennifer Namutebi Nakangubi was born in Masaka district Kijjabwami area and she comes from the family of the late Ssajjalyabene Francis who was a businessman where she is the firstborn although Jennifer Full figure says her father was among the rebel soldiers that died in the liberation war that brought the NRM in government. 

Her mother passed away when she was at the age of six and this pushed figure in the world of hustling at an early age. Full figure says she didn’t get any chance of going to school because of her family. 

Nakangubi says her stepmother frustrated her and she ended up quitting school in primary two. 

At an age of 13 years, she started a business of maize roasting by the roadside and it’s this job that connected her to various market women that loved her and one of them took up her and brought her to Kampala and she became a house girl in Natete but figure was not paid for a while. 

Jenifer managed to raise her little capital and she started selling shoes and clothes.

Nakangubi became a house girl in the home of a Ugandan musician Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu before joining the home of Catherine Kusasira still as a housemaid. Jennifer says she got the name Full Figure from Geoffrey Lutaaya and she doesn’t know why she named her that.

Jennifer Namutebi Nakangubi meets nrm flag bearer Museveni
Full Figure meets NRM flag bearer President Museveni.

Music career 

Jennifer Full Figure loved to sing but she never knew where to start from but one day she heard that the then biggest band in the land Eagles production was recruiting musicians. 

She decided to try her luck but on the first day, they recruited her as a casual labourer but not as the musician in the band. This is because the band had talented singing girls more than her. 

While at Eagles Production, Full Figure managed to go for shows and performances in deep villages and they could spend months there. 

It’s during this time that she wrote her song mukyakale but could not get a chance to perform the song and record because Eagles didn’t give her a chance to record the song. 

Jennifer was inspired by Chance Nalubega a performing artist who was big in the 2000s and she was known for her hit singles such as yiga okwagala, bichupuli group and many more hits.

According to Jennifer Full Figure, Chance Nalubega was a regular visitor at the Calendar based band and in one of their discussions she had Chance saying that she was rushing for rehearsals at Half London in Kabalagala and a few months later she was fired from Eagles production because the band wanted to cut its costs. 

On firing her she headed directly to Kabalagala where Chance Nalubega‘s band was based and was rehearsing from. On reaching the point she told Chance on how she wanted to sing and Nalubega put her on stage and loved the mukyakale song. 

The next day she took her directly to Kasiwukira studios where the official producer of the studio Travis Kazibwe alias Dr Tee recorded the song and a then young artist Karim Savva also put the vocals on the song. 

After its release, the song became a hit and a then big promoter Lucyn paid her 500,000 shillings but unfortunately, she lost the money. This hit single took her places and she moved places with Chance Nalubega. 

A few years later she meant Pallaso in the USA and asked him to RMX the song which she allowed and Mukyakale RMX became a very big hit. 

Jennifer Full Figure Songs 

  • Mukyakale 
  • Bwooti
Who is Jennifer Full Figure?
She once made allegations that she had given birth to Bajjo’s child but he was not playing a father role and that the child was missing his father Bajjo.

Farming business 

Apart from music Jenifer ventured into farming business saying that music no longer yields profits and as a result, she ventured into this kind of business. 

She owns acres of land where she cultivates crops and she rears pig where she has made a lot of money.

Personal life 

Jennifer Full figure is a married woman with two beautiful children namely Flower and Lucky but she doesn’t expose her family in the limelight but all she says is that her husband is a medical doctor but doesn’t tell the real names of the husband. 

Currently, it’s rumoured that she is pregnant although she still denies all these allegations 


Jennifer Full figure has built all her name and brand around controversies.

She started with Catherine Kusasira who she attacked and abused using vulgar language and it all started when Kusasira was given money to take to the late Yasin Kauma family who had died in the Arua fracas. 

Kusasira responded by saying how she had helped Jenifer when she was still a house girl in her home. Full figure continued the attacks until when kusasira took her to the courts of law and opened a defamation case against her.

Another scandal was when Full figure made false allegations that her father died in the liberation war that brought the NRM government in power. 

Later her family members came up and clarified saying that Full figure‘s dad has never been a soldier and never participated in any war of sorts but instead he was a businessman in Masaka who died of an accident on Masaka road.

She once made allegations that she had given birth to Bajjo’s child but he was not playing a father role and that the child was missing his father Bajjo.

Before joining the NRM as their mobilizer, she was a staunch supporter of a people power principal Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu but when she joined the NRM she started attacking the principal of the movement which put her at loggerheads with the supporters of the movement.