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GOSSIP: Jose Chameleon to Challenge Erias Lukwago for Lord Mayor Seat

Many refer to singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon as the most celebrated and biggest music name of our generations with hundreds of hit songs registered to his name. A singer who has performed to thousands of people all over the world and left them yearning for more, but this time round the singer turned up to perform for his fans in United Kingdom, to his surprise, he found empty seats waiting for him which forced the Basiima Ogenze singer not to perform at this event.

Jose Chameleon’s UK concert flops, singer refuses to perform
Chameleon was to perform at the convention

According to a source, Chameleon was supposed to be the main performer at Royal Regency Hall to close Uganda Youth Convention UK an event that brings together all Ugandans in the Diaspora (UK) to unite and celebrate their values.

This event was organized by Yiga Joel and in the video that circulated on social media indicates that on arrival Chameleon found a few of his fans at the occasion and decided to move away from the show to save himself from embarrassment.

According to Kakensa, a Uganda celebrity news blogger and music critic, Chameleon unlike Bebe cool or Bobi wine is less popular in people staying abroad and therefore it was a wrong decision to choose Chameleon to headline such a big event.

Jose Chameleon’s UK concert flops, singer refuses to perform
Jose Chameleon show flopped

This flop was mainly attributed to poor marketing of the event where the organizers more concentrated on Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise the event ignoring other means of advertising.

“I will not say that Leon Island has no fan base in UK, but this is totally heartbreaking. This flop is totally heartbreaking, I don’t blame Chameleon for refusing to sing but I also feel bad for organizers” said Peng Peng a popular blogger and critic.

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This is not the first time Ugandan artistes are registering flops and low turn up in foreign countries but it has happened several times most especially in United Kingdom.

We shall keep you posted here at Flash Uganda media.