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We have provided you with all the information you need to understand how JPESA works, what their fees are, and what benefits they offer.

Making online payments and receiving payments is much safer and simpler with Jpesa. Without disclosing financial information, the service enables anyone to make a payment in the manner of their choice, including through mobile money, credit cards, bank accounts, Jpesa Smart Connect, or account balances.

More than half a million accounts globally have helped Jpesa quickly establish itself as a world leader in online payment solutions. 

Jpesa, which is available in 202 nations and 25 distinct currencies, promotes international e-commerce by allowing for payments in many countries, currencies, and dialects.

Want to know how JPESA works, their fees, and benefits? All the information you need is right here in this article.

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Benefits of using Jpesa

Here’s what you can expect to get once you start using Jpesa;

  • Jpesa allows you to send money instantly from anywhere at any time. As soon as a customer verifies their purchase, you receive your money. 
  • The checkout options offered by Jpesa make it simple for your consumers to make payments online. 
  • Consumers spend more time internet shopping than completing forms.
  • Jpesa accepts credit cards, bank accounts, and Bitcoin, among other payment forms.
  • It can be used by consumers to conduct online transactions, shop or handle payments on customers’ e-commerce websites. All that’s required is a username and password.
  • Without disclosing your mobile money number, credit/debit card information, or bank account information, you can pay directly and securely.

Opening a Jpesa account

Consumers are required to open a Jpesa account to carry out transactions. This can be done through the Jpesa official website.

Details required to open a Jpesa account

  • Both of the consumer’s legal names
  • A valid email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Country of origin i.e. Uganda
  • You’ll then be required to create a password 
  • Once your account is verified, you can begin transacting.

Jpesa fees / Charges

Jpesa provides competitive pricing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of how big or little your organization is, they will discover the ideal solution for you that is fully expandable to meet your future needs. 

They are open and honest about their fees, as their Basic Rate Card demonstrates.

  1. Account registration: FREE
  2. Sending money: FREE
  3. Closing account: FREE

Charges for Receiving / Depositing money to your account

  • Mobile Money (this applies to all networks): 3% (instant access & settlement)
  • Credit / Debit cards (Visa / Master / American Express): 5% (Matures in 30 days)
  • Bank / Wire transfers: 3%
  • Internal transfers: FREE of charge
  • Minimum Balance 2.5% of Credits. This balance can be withdrawn a month after the closure of your account.
  • Chargeback Fees: $25

Withdrawal Charges

  • Mobile money ( for all networks): charge of UGX 1,000/- (Flat Rate & Inclusive of Network Fees)
  • As per Bank of Uganda: UGX 10,000/- (Flat Rate for every bank in Uganda)
  • For International Transfers: UGX 100,000/- (Flat Rate for Swift / Wire Transfers)
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More and more businesses accept Jpesa payments every day. This payment system allows you to make a payment directly and securely without disclosing your mobile money number, credit/debit card information, or bank account information.

Plus, it’s very safe and convenient, allowing customers to make transactions from anywhere as long as they have a Jpesa account and a password. 

So, go ahead, shop, or send money online using mobile money, credit/debit card, bank account, or your Jpesa E-wallet today.