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Karole Kasita

Who is Karole Kasita? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, tribe, music, album, songs, net worth, Yaka and Balance, boyfriend and relationship with Daddy Andre, Fik Fameica, Feffe Bussi, early life and education of a Ugandan dancehall recording artist.

Kasita Carol, also known as Karole Kasita, is a Ugandan dancehall recording artist, songwriter, and performer. She is known for both her musical abilities and her impeccable sense of fashion.

She is well-known for her hit singles Yaka and Balance, both of which went viral in East Africa, with the latter receiving remixes from Kenya and Uganda.

Early life and Education

Karole Kasita was born on April 25, 1989, in the central Ugandan district of Wakiso. The Balance hitmaker has been in the spotlight for several years, and in that time, she has developed so much and amassed a crowd of devoted fans across East Africa.

For kindergarten, she attended Happy Hours School. She then attended Makerere University Primary School for nearly two terms in Primary One before transferring to Gayaza Junior School. 

She then attended Ndejje SSS for one year before transferring to St. Joseph’s Nagalama, where she completed her O’ levels. She then enrolled at Kibibi Secondary School for her A’ levels. She then attended Makerere University Business School, where she earned a BA in Entrepreneurship.

Career and Professional Work Experience

karole kasita songs

Karole Kasita began singing while still in secondary school, writing her own songs and performing them to her classmates and friends.

Karole Kasita began singing in 2014 before joining the music band S&S in 2015, where he was recognized as a potential talent by the audience. 

She would later launch her solo career in 2018, working on her first project with Daddy Andre before releasing her hit single Yaka and Balance, which became a regional sensation across East Africa.

Karole Kasita decided to pursue her passion for music as a career after graduating from Makerere University. She recorded her first song, bounce it, while still a university student in 2016, and it was a collaboration with another Ugandan music artist named Nutty Neithan.

The song was a hit, and she followed it up with other songs such as Binyuma. Karole Kasita wrote the majority of her songs, with a few others written by Ray Signature, a Ugandan musician.

Karole Kasita formed a band called SNS band to assist her during her stage performances.

Karole Kasita’s new album, ‘Limited Edition,’ has eleven tracks, some of which feature artists from other East African countries.

The album was released on Thursday, August 11, 2022, and included artists such as AzawiFik Fameica, Arrow Bwoy, Mudra, Eddy Kenzo, Feffe Bussi, and Brian Weiyz, among others.

At the launch, the singer thanked her fans, the media, and her fellow artists for their unending support over the years.

Karole Kasita’s hit songs, including Balance Obuwomi, were written by recording artist and writer Mudra D Vidal, who Hardrock Media named the best writer of 2020.

“Mudra writes my songs in thirty minutes and he is the inspiration for all of them. I always bring him into the studio when I’m recording a song because I trust him. I owe him a lot of things, including my success,” she stated.

Achievements and Awards

In 2022, Karole Kasita is expected to earn over UGX 57 million, after earning over UGX 300 million in 2020 from her music career. She has a reported net worth of over UGX 145 million.


  • Limited Edition (2022)


  • Tubiddemu (2022) ft Eddy Kenzo
  • Balance (feat. Ziza Bafana & Queen Bella) 2020
  • You (2022) ft Arrow Bwoy and Fik Fameica
  • Yaka (2018)
  • Nywamu (2022)
  • Binyuma (2019)
  • Baba (2021)
  • Mbeelamu (2022) ft Maker Breaker
  • Chekecha (2022)
  • One Life (2022)
  • Mwoto (2019) ft Cindy Sanyu
  • Nze Amulina (2022)
  • Nwa
  • Body Body (2022)
  • Obuwoomi (2020)
  • Muhammad Ali (2022) ft Feffe Busi
  • Musujja (2018)
  • Imagine (2022)
  • Teamo
  • Wabula (2022)
  • Gal a Bubble (2018)
  • More Time (2018)
  • Nkuwulira ft Mudra
  • Baby Papa (2019) ft Daddy Andre 
  • Ontanude 
  • Kokilabe
  • Jileete
  • Bounce It ft Nutty Neithan
  • Temujja Ndya ft Maro


One aspect of the dancehall musician’s life that has always remained a mystery is her love life, which she has always kept private.

The beautiful dancehall musician opened up about her love life in an interview with Spark TV. She revealed that she is not yet legally married, but she is madly in love.

Although she has not revealed who the man in her life is, there have been speculations and rumors that Karole Kasita’s boyfriend is popular rapper Frank Mukiiza, aka Feffe Bussi.

The rumors gained traction after an audio recording of their phone call surfaced earlier this year. The two lovebirds, who had previously been private, were all romantic and lovey-dovey to each other in the conversation, calling each other “baby” and “love of my life.”

A few days after the phone call became public, Feffe Bussi confirmed that he was the one who spoke with Karole Kasita. He also revealed that the entire conversation was a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming song Ebyo Byoli, that he and Karole Kasita are not dating, and that Karole Kasita’s boyfriend’s identity remains unknown for the time being.

There was a rumor circulating a few years ago that Karole Kasita and Daddy Andre were romantically involved.

This rumour, like the one about Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi, surfaced while Karole and Daddy Andre were working on their hit song Baby Papa and the two were seen hanging out more than expected.

Karole Kasita denied having a romantic relationship with Daddy Andre and stated that they were only working together.

Singer, Karole Kasita is currently heavy and expecting a child and word has it that the self-proclaimed rapper, Feffe Bussi, could be the prime suspect.

Karole Kasite had a zungu bae at first, but they split up. She has been free since then, and the ease with which she mixes with male artists makes it difficult to identify the suspected baby daddy.


karole kasita pregnant

Karole Kasita and her boyfriend trended for the wrong reasons in June 2020. Things got heated when Karole Kasita and her fans started hurling insults at each other during a live Instagram Q&A.

Her unidentified boyfriend allegedly accused her of disrespecting him and took her phone. Things quickly deteriorated as Karole Kasita retaliated, resulting in a verbal war.

Although the video did not portray Karole or her mysterious man favorably, her fans enjoyed the drama. It’s unclear whether the man in the fight with Karole Kasita is the same man who is her current boyfriend.

Karole Kasita, has addressed the concept of “cancel culture” among Ugandan artists in South Sudan, arguing that talent outweighs disagreements. 

According to Karole Kasita, fans form strong bonds with artists when they connect with their music, and when they do something inflammatory, it feels personal. However much they try to cancel artists, they can’t stay away from the beauty of their music.

“We are good artists and I think talent speaks louder than anything else. You will get through if you have good music and are talented, because music comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.” She expressed herself.

Karole Kasita was one of the Ugandan artists who last performed in Juba. Despite having a large fan base for her show, she did not send a condolence message to South Sudan in the wake of the death of one of their top artists, Mantani.

Karole Kasita openly accepted responsibility and apologized on behalf of all Ugandan artists in an interview. She admitted that what they did was somewhat unfair, and they deeply regret it.

“It was entirely our fault. We made so many mistakes as Ugandan artists because we were so insensitive. To think that Mantani died and no one in our country even mentioned it. We sincerely apologize for this.” Karole stated.

Despite the criticism, the “Binyuma” singer has stated that she will not change her dress code. She claims she will keep it unless she leaves the music industry.

In an interview with local television on Monday evening, the ‘Balance’ singer stated that the only way to end the ongoing harassment is to deny fans access to artists during performances without changing the dress code.

“Changing my appearance will not prevent sexual harassment.” Event organizers must find a way to limit fans’ easy access to the performers. “During these performances, a gap should be created,” said Karole Kasita.

She also asked fans to exercise restraint before declaring that she would not stop dressing the way she wants.

Karole Kasita, the self-proclaimed “most booked pregnant artist” in the country, has not been immune to hungry predators, particularly during events.

A young-looking photographer stepped on stage with other revelers and made her uncomfortable while she was performing at a show. 

Karole Kasita, who was heavily pregnant at the time, had to beg security to come onto the stage and save her from a photographer who was looking for dubs during her recent performance.

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