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There are several hotels and lodges along Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kazinga Channel shoreline, which is the closest and most accessible water body in the park.

The Kazinga Channel shoreline in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the closest and most accessible water body in the park and contains a variety of hotels and lodges as well as wildlife.

In the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kazinga Channel is situated in the Kasese District, about 420 kilometers from Kampala City.

There are a number of hotels and lodges around Kazinga Channel designed to meet all of your safari accommodation needs. 

Listed below are some of the best tourist accommodations nearby Kazinga Channel. 

Enganzi Game Lodge

Enganzi Game Lodge Limited

One of the midrange safari hotels close to the Kazinga Channel is Enganzi Game Lodge. It’s at the escarpment of the Kichwamba rift valley that tourists can find Enganzi Game Lodge. 

The Lodge provides beautiful, affordable accommodations with standard services. Enganzi was built utilizing local resources to give it a staged realism and integrate it with the area’s natural surroundings. 

The view from Enganzi Game Lodge of the Kazinga Channel and the broad savannah plains dotted with savannah woodland tree species is tranquil and enhances your stay there.

Mweya Safari Lodge

mweya safari lodge pictures

One of the grandest lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the Mweya Safari Lodge. It is situated on the peninsula of Mweya between the shores of Lake Edward and the Kazinga Channel. It has a view of the Kazinga Channel and the Kasenyi Plains. 

It features a calm swimming pool where you can unwind and sunbathe in the late afternoon. At Mweya Safari Lodge, you get a lot of room for your money thanks to spacious accommodations, a cozy lounge, and first-rate room services.

Pumba Safari Camp

Pumba Safari Camp and Cottage

You can have a wonderful stay at Pumba Safari Cottages in one of their lovely cottages with a breathtaking view, free Wi-Fi, a patio, gorgeous gardens, and an amazing coffee shop. 

Previously known as Kyambura Safari Cottages, these cottages have been updated to meet contemporary requirements. You will find a comfortable place to stay, a kind staff, and a bonus of a breathtaking view of the savannah plains at Pumba Safari Cottages.

It is also one of the environmentally friendly lodging options in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Pumba Safari Cottages. The rooms are built with wood from nearby trees and have grass-thatched roofs, solar lighting, water heaters that heat the bathrooms with solar energy, and other energy-intensive features. 

All rooms at Pumba Safari Cottages are non-smoking, which is one of its unique features.

Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba

Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba

This is the only modestly priced accommodation that is top-notch all around. After a lengthy trip from Kampala, you can cool yourself at the swimming pool. Italian-style pizza can be ordered from their wood-fired and it just gets better. 

While visiting the Kazinga Channel this lodge is a fantastic option to stay at because of the lovely gardens. It offers fantastic views from the front, the African-style Bandas with western comfort, and yet at a price that is affordable.

All the rooms are tidy and spacious, nicely decorated, and have mosquito nets. A lot of effort and care went into creating this lodge. It maintains the African theme throughout the entire Kingfisher Lodge, which makes it look so natural.

Ishasha Safari Camp

Ishasha Wilderness Camp - Queen Elizabeth National Park

The beautiful refuge for those who truly like the wild is called Ishasha Wilderness Camp. It is located in the Southern Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Ntungwe river. 

In this pristine and inaccessible area of the National Park, this exclusive camp combines the romance of a wilderness tented camp with first-rate service.

Kazinga Channel View Resort

Kazinga Channel View Resort

In Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Katunguru neighborhood, beside Kazinga Channel, is the cozy and well-located Kazinga Channel View Resort. The resort is perfect for safari trips, renting accommodations, or short-term housing.

The hotel offers beautifully decorated, roomy, and cozy Bandas, each with a comfy bed and bedding.

The on-site restaurant serves a wide range of food, including continental fare. Every morning, all visitors receive a complimentary breakfast.

The Kazinga Channel View Resort offers a variety of amenities and activities, including a boat tour, a nature walk, bird watching, and flora and fauna. On request, you can also arrange for an airport shuttle, a rental car, and laundry services. 

One mile off the Kasese-Mbarara road, in Queen Elizabeth National Park, is Kazinga Channel View Resort.

Mweya Hostels & Cottages

Mweya Hostels and Cottages

These hostels are made up of self-contained rooms, and non-self-contained single and double rooms. They have communal baths, and toilet facilities attached.

They are situated in the Mweya section of the park close to the luxurious Mweya safari lodge.

A few of these Mweya hostels have room for 5 to 6 persons. This accommodation type is ideal for groups of people traveling together because of its eco-friendly surroundings and expansive views of the lively Kazinga canal, which connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

The Kazinga channel is conveniently located near the hostels, which is good news for anyone who wants to enjoy one of its renowned lunch boat rides.

During your stay at Mweya Hostels, you can take a boat tour to the famed gorgeous Kazinga Channel, which is frequented by wild creatures seeking water in the afternoons. Your boat may pass by several hippos, crocodiles, and numerous water birds.

Jacana Safari Lodge

Jacana Safari Lodge kazinga

Jacana Safari Lodge is a well-known lodge that falls under the luxury category in Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

With 10 beautiful chalets built with ropes, grass, and hardwood from the park, it is situated at the rim of Lake Nyamasingire, the largest crater lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

This allows it to blend in with the surroundings. Nyamasingiri Lake may be seen from the Jacana Safari Lodge.


To fit your budget and enhance your experience of the Ugandan wilderness, the Kazinga Channel found inside Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a wide range of accommodations with high standards

While these lodges aren’t perfect in the sense that they “don’t have everything” they do try to provide most of the basic amenities. Part of the fun comes in when we become flexible and use what’s available.

You can go through this list while checking out all the resorts, hotels, and lodges until you find what works for you. Otherwise with this in mind, we hope that you’ll have a good time in the places we’ve shared.


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