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The best restaurant in Masaka may not be the first thing you look for when looking for tourist attractions, but if this is you, then read on.

The best restaurants to eat and drink in Masaka may be as important to you as the tourist attractions. So let’s look at them closely, shall we?

Masaka town has over 55 restaurants that travelers can choose from. Being a major connection to Uganda’s major districts such as Mbarara, Bushenyi, Mpigi Lyantonde, and even the main city of Kampala, has influenced private owners to set up accommodation facilities along the Kampala-Masaka road.

In Masaka, these are some of the best restaurants you can find.

Best Restaurants in Masaka Town

Coffeehouse & Lounge Masaka

This eatery is located on Hill Road, Masaka. It’s the perfect place for travelers who love coffee, soft drinks, and fast food. The staff here are friendly and always ready to receive guests in a friendly and professional manner.

Their menu includes chicken pizza, hot chocolate, fish fillet, Belgium fries, beef burgers, lattes, and a lot more. Their meals are as cheap as UGX 12,000.

Chicken Frikadellen Masaka

Chicken Frikadellen masaka

A Danish couple founded Café Frikadellen. They serve both European and Danish cuisine like burgers, steaks, chicken and fries, Italian food, Greek food, and more. 

Every Friday starting at 6 pm, they serve a barbecue buffet. And on weekends they sometimes host events, which often draw large crowds. 

There are outdoor seating areas in the café where you may eat in the shade. They also have a little playroom for youngsters inside, as well as some inviting tables where you may sit with a notebook and send letters home.

Kaveno Restaurant

Kaveno Restaurant is a dine-in restaurant located on Victoria Street in Masaka. If you’re looking for affordable and mouthwatering meals in Masaka, this is the place to be.

Their menu includes chicken salad, soft drinks, bottled water, fries, chicken grills, omelette, chapati, katogo, and a buffet.

It’s perfect for people traveling in groups and also for families.

Grass Roots Café and Deli

At this eatery, guests can expect to find a variety of wraps, pizzas, salads, cakes, juices, and smoothies that are all fresh, tasty, and reasonably priced. 

This is served alongside fresh press coffee, several teas, and a variety of wines and beers. Their entire menu is crafted from scratch utilizing seasonal, regional ingredients. 

There’s free WiFi as well. It’s a great place to sit and observe Masaka life go by or the perfect place for a stopover for those traveling to Kampala or Tanzania. 

They are conveniently located on the first shopping center on Masaka / Kampala Road. Additionally, they host a variety of activities on different Friday or Saturday nights.

Kevin Restaurant Masaka

Kevin Restaurant, a roadside café in Nyendo, Masaka, continues to be almost unopposed when it comes to providing local cuisine that can be said to be above average.

The restaurant works to ensure that everything on the menu is available, and service is typically quick. Their menu includes boiled stews, such as chicken stew and fish stew, which customers can order. They also serve matooke, rice, sweet potatoes, and other carbs. 

Other foods such as sweet potatoes, gonja, matooke, and pumpkin are served as well. All sauces are boiled and a plate costs around UGX 25,000. The restaurant is open daily and only closes after midnight.

Zebra Hotel

Zebra Hotel provides both food and accommodation in Masaka. The hotel provides free WiFi, a sauna, and a kids’ playground. There’s an on-site bar and restaurant available to guests. On-site, unrestricted private parking is offered as well.

A restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner is located on the premises of the Zebra Hotel. Cocktails can be enjoyed in the bar’s laid-back atmosphere.

The hotel’s front desk is open around-the-clock. There is a fee for sauna use and massage therapy. 

Elsie Hotel

Elsie Hotel

Elsie Hotel is located on Nalubale St, Masaka. Accommodations at ELSIE HOTEL include a bar, a shared lounge, free private parking, and a restaurant

The property has a garden and a patio and is located 4.6 kilometers from Kitovu and 4.8 kilometers from Nyendo. 

The hotel offers free WiFi, complimentary airport transfers, room service, and a 24-hour front desk. While there, guests are invited to a continental or buffet breakfast every morning.

Garden Courts Hotel Masaka

Garden Courts Hotel Masaka

They offer a wide variety of regional, continental, and international cuisine in addition to some extremely tasty naturally produced Ugandan foods.

 After a long trip, Garden Courts Hotel Masaka offers a large selection of beverages, including wines and other types of drinks, to relieve your thirst. In addition, they have very reasonable and alluring prices for their meals and drinks.

Corner Spot View Bar And Pork Joint

Corner Spot View Bar And Pork Joint

The restrooms and bar are looking to cater along the Masaka-Mbarara By-pass Rd, Masaka.

There is no better location to go and eat in Masaka than this. They offer the best pork in the region. It’s served in large quantities, making it perfect for groups and families. 

Additionally, guests can order soft drinks and beers to wash down the pork. Guests that prefer packing theirs, are also catered for. Once an order is made, it only takes about 40 minutes and it’s served. 

Hotel Brovad Ltd

Hotel Brovad Ltd

Travelers visiting Masaka should consider staying at Hotel Brovad, which provides a welcoming setting for families as well as several practical services to make your stay more enjoyable.

In addition, guests at Hotel Brovad have access to a concierge, room service, and a 24-hour front desk. Free wifi is also available. 

While staying at Hotel Brovad, you can also take advantage of a pool and a restaurant on the premises. Do you require a safe parking spot close to the restaurant? Parking is offered for free at Hotel Brovad.


As listed in this article, Masaka has some of the best restaurants for eating and drinking. If you want to taste Ugandan local cuisine for the first time, most of these restaurants can give you that experience. 

A select few can calm down your cravings especially if you miss the food back in your home country. They may have some international dishes on their menu. They include Brovad hotel Ltd, Elsie hotel, Chicken Frikadellen, and Coffee House and Lounge.

We recommend going to restaurants or hotels that also offer accommodation more so if you’re going to be visiting many places in Masaka. That way, there’s a place for you to eat and sleep when you return.